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Australian Mathematics Competition


On 2 August 500 Rossmoyne students sat for the Australian Mathematics Competition. Once again, our students have performed magnificently in all divisions: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The competition consisted of 30 grueling questions to be completed in 75 minutes without a calculator. Millions of students in over 40 countries including China, Malaysia, & New Zealand, to mention a few, sat the same paper.

To win a prize a students scored in the top 0.3% in the State for their division. Rossmoyne won seven prizes in Years 8, 9, 11 and 12. Two of our prize winners have won multiple prizes over the years, with Andrew Yang winning his fourth and Michael Tang his third. The prizes will be awarded at a special ceremony at the University of Western Australia in November.

To win a High Distinction, students scored in the top 2% in the State.  Rossmoyne won 31 High Distinctions. In addition, Rossmoyne also won 152 Distinctions, 212 Credits and 68 Proficiencies. These results are a credit to all our students and their maths teachers.

Competition Test Scores

 Year  Rossmoyne Mean Score (Raw)  (WA) State Mean Score (Raw)
 8  57  14
 9  44  35
 10  48  38
 11  37  31
 12  47  35

Prize Winners (Top 0.3%)

 Hang Sheng 
 Han Nan Chen
 Vamsi Manikyam
 Michael Tang
 Andrew Yang
 Ibrahim Barifcani
 Jennet Christy John Britto

High Distinctions (Top 2%)

 Samiul Ahmed
 Priyanka Chakraborty         
 Jarred Cooper
 Naomi Cullinan
 Ravishi De Zoysa
 Heneesha Deol
 Janice Dewan
 Qianhao Gu
 Chaitanya Gunturi
 Gavin Huangfu
 Tae Hyun Youm
 Thava Jayabalan
 Michael Khaw
 Joohee Kim
 Sheng Kit Yong
 Tharaka Kotuwegoda
 Sonya Kyi
 Jiawen Li
 Dylan Lim
 Joy Liu
 Joseph Paul
 Michael Rhodes
 Mobin Rizwan
 Devinder Sharma
 Adrian Ting
 Wei Wong
 John Woo
 Corbin Yap
 Rachel Yeo
 Sonia Yuan
 Xilin Zhang

Mr Mark White

Maths Head of Learning Area

Phone 9259 2100 ext 111

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