Information and Resource Hub (Library)


The school’s Information and Resource Hub (Library) is an academic and recreational centre offering a wide range of resources for students and staff.

Information and Resource Hub opening hours are 8.00am with closing time at 4.00 pm for all terms. (Please note the Hub is closed during Break 1 everyday.

The role of the Teacher/Librarian is to assist staff and teach students to integrate information and communication technologies into their teaching and learning environments. The enjoyment of reading as a life long habit is a major focus of the library staff.

Resources and facilities available to students include a wide collection of audio visual equipment. An extensive selection of fiction genres and stories presented through different mediums such as novels, graphic novels, picture books, audio books, DVDs and comics are available to suit all reading ages.

Transperth Smartcards to access public transport and library resources are issued through the Hub. Information and Resource Hub staff will accept cash deposits for printer accounts (only the IT Manager, will accept deposits for internet accounts). Lost cards will be replaced at a fee within a few days.

English as a Second Language (ESL)  students have access to an ESL fiction collection. The non-fiction collection has been reduced to reflect the availability of databases but is still used extensively.

As many Rossmoyne students will attend local universities the Harvard Referencing system is followed and available in print in the library, student diary and the Moodle site.

Data Bases are very important resources which are used in tandem with a reduced non-fiction collection. All offer remote access to World Book Online, ClickView,  AustLit which are extensively used.

IT equipment such as laptops, data projectors, iPADS, e-books, CD players and cameras are available on a period by period basis.

Library Cartoon

Supporting the ‘Rosstainability’ principle of caring for the environment means recycling paper is standard practice. Other recycled items include pull clips from cans, corks, old CDs, stamps, mobile phones and prescription glasses and cases.

Library staff aspire to excel in their school and show respect for themselves, others and the earth.