History & Tradition


Rossmoyne Senior High School opened in 1968 and quickly established its reputation for excellence in secondary education. In 2001, Rossmoyne won the inaugural The Australian School of the Year Award for its academic excellence, outstanding educational outcomes and strong pastoral care emphasis. The school continues to be recognised as one of Australia’s top schools.

Rossmoyne’s ethos reflects a belief that personal and academic success can be achieved through self-discipline, high aspirations and a commitment to excellence in all endeavours. At Rossmoyne, students learn how to succeed and how to handle their success. They also know how to appropriately acknowledge the success of others. As a result, a very positive culture exists in which students enjoy and share their own achievements and respect and learn from others’ achievements. Students are expected to do their best in all of their pursuits and to behave in a courteous and considerate manner at all times. The wearing of school uniform is supported by the parents and strongly encouraged as a symbol of pride in the school.

Rossmoyne provides students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their interests, skills and abilities from the time they commence studies in Year 7. The school’s excellence across academic, vocational, cultural and sporting programs is widely acknowledged. Students enjoy opportunities to excel in areas of special interest and aptitude through Gifted and Talented (G&T), specialist and enrichment courses and a broad range of extra-curricular activities. It has a strong focus on languages education and students may elect from studies in French, German, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. Places in the school’s specialist classical music, mathematics and volleyball programs are highly sought after. The school participates in the Public Schools’ swimming and athletics competitions at “A” division level.

Rossmoyne prioritises the provision of an intellectually, physically and emotionally safe learning environment. The school has a well-resourced Student Services Centre staffed by a dedicated team of specialist and support personnel. The Centre houses Year Coordinators, the Student Services Managers, School Psychologist, Community Health Nurse, Chaplaincy Service, Learning Support Coordinator and Attendance Officer. This team delivers a carefully planned, program from Years 7 to 12 tailored to students’ educational and social needs and the development of positive attitudes to and engagement in citizenship and leadership activities. Students have access to individual counselling, study skills programs and support with learning difficulties or disabilities. The development of cohesive, co-operative Year groups with a strong team and school spirit and the development of citizenship skills, are an important element of the school’s pastoral care focus.

School Emblem and Motto

The school’s emblem and motto were drawn from the Scottish origins of the name Rossmoyne. Research by the school’s foundation administration staff produced the badge of the Clan Ross. It consisted of a buckled belt enclosing a hand clutching a laurel wreath, with a motto in Latin Spem successsus alit. Translated into English, the motto reads, Success nourishes hope. The emblem and motto have stood the test of time and continue to reflect a belief in the important link between successful educational outcomes and citizens who lead fulfilling, rounded and productive lives.

Today, Rossmoyne Senior High School continues to stand for high aspirations, excellence in all endeavours and respect for self, others and the environment.

Foundations of the School

1962 The Metropolitan Region Planning Authority selected a site on the south side of High Road (this section now forms part of Leach Highway) to be used for a second university in Perth. Plans changed and the need for a high school in this area became apparent.
1966 In September a corner of the “university” block was approved for use as the site of Bull Creek High School.
1967 Construction commenced and the name Rossmoyne High School was selected in deference to the name of the suburb which had sprung up around the school site.
1968 The school opened with the Principal, Phil Carmody; the Deputies, Laurie Sawle and Esme Horsfall; another eight staff and 198 students. In those early days the school was surrounded by sand and there were no houses opposite the school. The foundation staff paid attention to every detail in the establishment of a new school and to this day the school community still reaps the benefit of their dedicated efforts.

The school grew rapidly. New buildings were added every year until 1974 as the student population increased to 1459 by the start of 1975.

Since then significant developments have included:

1975 A school camp-site built on rented land on Serpentine River.
1976 Construction of the Philip Carmody Library.
1978 The swimming pool opened.
1985 The gymnasium opened.
2000 The gymnasium was extended with a dance studio added.
2001 Recognition of the excellence of the school reach a climax in 2001 when “The Australian” newspaper named Rossmoyne Senior High School as its inaugural Australian School of the Year.
2004 The Performing Arts Centre was officially opened by the Hon Alan Carpenter, Minister for Education and Training on 16 September.
2007 Stage 1 of the school redevelopment program: The Science Centre was officially opened by the Hon Mark McGowan, Minister for Education and Training on 17 October.
2012 Stage 2 of the school redevelopment program: English- Languages Centre, Café, amphitheatre, soccer-pitch and expansion of the Arts buildings.
2013 Robyn Fittock Health and Well-being Centre constructed and officially opened by the Hon Dr Mike Nahan, MLA and Matt Taylor MLA on 6 November.
2014 12-classroom facility to accommodate increased enrolments due to the commencement of Year 7 at the school. Officially opened by the Hon Peter Collier MLC, Minister for Education on 18 December 2014.
2015 New access road from Apsley Road/Karel Avenue intersection, with student ‘drop-off’ zone, and bus zone.
2015 Beach Volleyball Courts. The project was jointly funded by the P&C Association and Rossmoyne Senior High School. Matt Taylor MLA, Bateman, officiated the opening on 16 October 2015.

Principals: Philip Carmody, Alan Jones, Barry Cohen, Max Petrich, Megan Donovan, Leila Bothams and Milanna Heberle.

Rossmoyne Senior High School’s alumni includes:

Three Rhodes Scholars

1985 Grant Donaldson
1988 Ian Reid
1999 Craig Wood


One Beazley Medalist: WACE

The Beazley Medal: WACE is awarded to the student attaining the highest score in the determination of the general exhibitions.

2017 Isabel Longbottom