House System

History of the Rossmoyne Senior High School House System

Midgegooroo was a Noongar Indigenous Australian elder who played a key role in Indigenous resistance to white settlement in Perth, Western Australia. He was a traditional owner and leader of his home country Beeliar. Midgegooroo was the father of Yagan and died in May 1833.

Rossmoyne Senior High School and Rossmoyne the suburb both owe their name to a Mrs Webb, who purchased the land sometime after it was sold by the Crown. Mrs Webb was the owner of the land during the 1960s.
After a trip to Scotland, the Webb family coined the name ‘Rossmoyne’ for the area, inspired by a property in Scotland that they had visited and admired. The connection with Scotland was established.
In 1968 the foundation Principal, Philip Carmody, turned to the Scottish origins of the name for inspiration in establishing a school identity. Research produced the badge of the Clan Ross which was adapted for the school and still remains the current school logo.
Continuing the theme, a Scottish tartan for the girls’ kilted skirts was used which is the MacNeill of Barra – an island off the west coast of Scotland and Stewart is the surname of the Scottish Royal House that produced King Charles I and II.

The four Houses of the school were named Barra, MacNeill, Ross and Stewart.

Over the years the schools House spirit remained strong with students representing their House in various sporting pursuits but over time the place of the House system shifted.
In 2018, in conjunction with the schools 50th anniversary the House system was re-introduced with a cross-curricular focus. Students were placed into a home room with other students from Year 7 to Year 12 and also encouraged to wear their House colours during physical education classes.
Today, the House System is led by our student House Captains and guided by staff House Leaders. Our House Captains demonstrate house pride and encourage involvement in house events.

The House System today is an integral part of the school culture and continues to reinforce the schools iCARE values.

To further encourage the identity of each House, the school in conjunction with students and staff developed a unique House logo to represent each House.
Rossmoyne Senior High School is proud of the history of our House System and looks forward to continuing the spirit.

You are part of something bigger. The Rossmoyne Senior High School House System has existed for over 50 years.

Continue the spirt.


The mythical Barra dragon originates from a rocky island in northern sea waters when clan wars ruled the land. The fierce dragon symbolises strength and resilience in the power of many.

We stand together stronger strength in unity.


The powerful eagle, chief of all winged creatures is symbolic of victory and pride.  The MacNeill eagle soars high above the land and bestows freedom and courage to look ahead.

Fly high and flourish succeed and conquer.


The rhinoceros symbolises strength and stability.
The Ross rhino charges ahead in all life pursuits and is loyal to those within its’ territory.

Charge ahead – courageous when challenged.


The serene turtle is a quietly powerful creature.

The Stewart turtle is resilient, wise and adaptable to a changing tide.

Shape a better world dare to be different!