Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision: Our students become future ready citizens

Our students are capable, compassionate, connected and confident life-long learners of an ever-evolving global community.


We champion a culture of high aspiration and excellence where our students are engaged and nurtured to become future ready citizens of a global community.

“Success nourishes hope”.


Our core values embody the beliefs of the school community. They are consistently applied and guide the behaviours we expect from all school community members.


Integrity – Connection – Aspiration – Respect – Excellence


We are honest, trustworthy and act ethically with moral strength.


We achieve a strong sense of belonging and purpose and make a positive contribution through collaboration and authentic relationships between students, staff, parents and the community.

High Aspirations
We set meaningful goals, have high expectations of ourselves and others, make the most of opportunities, are resilient and commit to success for all.

We are accountable for our actions, treat others with consideration and care, celebrate our diverse backgrounds, interests and strengths and show regard for our school and the environment.

We challenge ourselves and others to always perform at our personal best.