Pastoral Care

At Rossmoyne Senior High School, we want all members of our school community to feel that they belong and are welcome. We want our students to enjoy a positive schooling experience. We want them to leave school with the capability and optimism to realise a preferred future and to lead personally fulfilling lives.

Pastoral care at Rossmoyne fosters trust, mutual respect, and concern for the health and well-being of oneself and each other.

Our holistic approach to student care is coordinated through Student Central (see below) which is overseen by our Head of Student Central. Each year group has four House Leaders who guide and support students as they progress from Years 7 to 12. The House Leaders help students manage:

  • relationships with other members of the school community
  • academic commitments
  • career aspirations/goals
  • development of effective study skills

Responsibilities also include counselling students and parents, negotiating with other staff on behalf of the student, mediating in disputes between students, organising social events and assisting in the selection/changing of courses and study skills. Parents should contact the appropriate House Leader if they are concerned with any aspect of their child’s progress.

A school psychologist assists students with their educational, emotional and social needs. The psychologist plays an important role in providing advice to teachers and parents about programs and strategies to support students.

The school has a full-time nurse appointed through the Department of Health. The nurse has a key role in promoting and educating students about healthy lifestyles and well-being. The nurse works from well-equipped rooms in Student Central.

The School Chaplain is involved with local community and overseas volunteer service programs. The Chaplain’s role is non-sectarian. The School Chaplain offers support for students, parents and staff in times of need as well as one-to-one counselling and care for students with personal issues. The Chaplain also provides workshops for groups of students, helping them with communication skills, friendship building, self-esteem and development values.

The Student Support Officer coordinates the school community programs, lunchtime activities and charity events.  They also run the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.

Our Home Room (‘tutorial’) program provides continuity of care. Small form classes of between 22 and 26 students enable Home Room teachers to monitor students’ progress and assist them with goal setting.

A Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) works with teachers, House Leaders, parents and students to develop an appropriate course of action to support the needs of students with learning difficulties or disabilities including students with low literacy skills.
Students may work with the LSC through one to one withdrawal, small group support or in-class support, depending on the requirements. The LSC works in tandem with teachers to adapt and modify the curriculum to allow students the best opportunity of achieving to their potential.

The LSC also meets with parents to discuss the learning needs of their child and explain the support options available. This is all done in a confidential manner and is aimed at ensuring all students at Rossmoyne Senior High School have a course that is relevant, interesting and matched to the learning needs of the individual.

Student Central

Student Central comprises of a number of specialist staff who work in partnership with classroom teachers, parents and where necessary support agencies to improve educational outcomes for students and maximise their potential in all aspects of school life. We also promote the school’s iCARE values of integrity, Connection, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence. We want all students to experience the sense of belonging and connection to their school community.

In addition to supporting individual students, our pastoral care program includes a range of specific year group programs that target values and skills including; citizenship, leadership, enhanced self esteem, resiliency and goal setting. We provide opportunities for students to engage with their school and broader community and play a key role in celebrating the endeavours and achievements of our students.

Our programs are also designed to assist students to make the necessary transitions as they move firstly into high school and then from the middle school to the senior school.  The notion of a journey through school and preparation for the world beyond is acknowledged through specific year programs which have a particular year focus. These programs are as follows:

 Year 7  Team building and belonging
 Year 8  Accepting and Respecting Differences
 Year 9  Respecting and Resiliency
 Year 10  Making Responsible Decisions
 Year 11  Planning for Success
 Year 12  Re-examining Pathways and the future

 Programs and activities for each year group will reflect these themes.

Student Central Team

House Leaders

  • provide a link between the parents and the school staff
  • integrate new students into the school community
  • assist in the monitoring of the behaviour of students and performance of students
  • support students’ personal and social development.

Students are encouraged to discuss with their House Leader or other members of the Student Central Team any concerns they have which affect their learning in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to make contact with the appropriate member of the team should they have any concerns about their child’s learning.

Parents, please make a member of the team immediately aware of the following:

  • changing circumstances in the home that has significantly affected your child
  • changes in your child’s medical condition that teachers should be aware of so that they may provide a suitable learning environment
  • changes in the rate of progress or behaviors that differ noticeably from past performance and/or that of peers
  • long absences due to illness or other reasons
  • concerns about performance in the classroom or any other area of the school.

Parents are invited to make the school aware of any significant achievement of their child so that they may be recognised in the appropriate manner.

Parent Interviews

Whilst parent inquiries are welcome, a teacher’s first commitment is to his/her class. Parents can request an appointment via SEQTA if they wish to meet with any staff.

Health Centre

The Health Centre has a full-time Community Health Nurse who is available to students before school, at recess, lunch time and after school. During class time, students may attend the centre by appointment or with their teacher’s permission if their need is urgent.

The main focus of the Nurse’s role is to foster self responsibility so that students can begin to take control over their own health. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss their health problems with the Nurse and, in conjunction with their Medical Practitioner, develop a Care Plan of management of their condition for use by themselves and school staff. Such conditions would include severe asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis and medication needs. Parents will be given a high school record to be completed at the beginning of each school year.

Parents of students requiring medication must complete Authorisation documents and return them to the school. The Nurse or other Student Central Team members do not dispense Paracetamol or medication.

In case of a medical emergency whilst at school the nurse is to be notified immediately for urgent attention. If the nurse is busy or unavailable, please see a staff member, House Leader, Associate Principal or Program Coordinator.

In the event of sickness or injury at school requiring a student to be sent home or to a doctor, the parent or emergency contact person will be asked to arrange transport. In an emergency, an ambulance will be called at the parents’ expense. It is therefore recommended that families belong to an ambulance fund.


It is imperative that parent/guardian and emergency contact details be kept up to date at all times.

Use of the Health Centre

All students are reminded that:

  • they must have written permission from their teacher to be absent from class
  • permission is given when their class teacher fills in a Referral Slip or student diary
  • students at the centre during class time without a Referral Slip will be sent back to class unless they are injured
  • students may only rest in the centre if the school nurse has given them permission
  • students are not permitted to consume food or drink in the Health Centre waiting area
  • students who breach Health Centre rules may be banned from the Centre

The School Nurse is available at the Health Centre or on 9259-2100, Ext 212 to assist parents and students meeting the policy requirements.


Please note that neither the school nor the Department of Education carries student accident or property insurance.

Parents are advised to check their insurance policies to ensure that they have adequate medical, personal property and liability insurance cover for their children.