Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management - Overview

Rossmoyne Senior High School is strongly committed to enabling students to fulfil their potential, through its positive school initiative,  by providing an environment which:

  • fosters self-worth
  • encourages the pursuit of high personal standards
  • supports academic excellence
  • promotes social and civic responsibility
  • maintains cultural harmony
  • develops self regulation, resilience and personal responsibility.

Behaviour Management Policy includes strategies to:

  • maintain a positive school environment
  • promote effort
  • encourage positive behaviours and personal best
  • have students take personal responsibility for their actions
  • respond in a timely manner to negative behaviours.

The Policy complies with the Education Act (1999) and relevant Department of Education Regulations and Policies.

Rights and Responsibilities Underpinning the Behaviour Management Policy

All students have the right to:
All students have the responsibility to:
Be treated with courtesy and respect Show respect and courtesy to others
Work in and enjoy a safe, secure and clean environment Keep the environment safe, secure and clean
A learning environment that is free from disruption Ensure that there is no disruption to another person’s learning
Achieve their potential Develop their potential and to assist others in doing the same.
Have personal property respected Respect student, staff and school property
Be proud of their achievements Ensure their actions do not discredit the school community

Code of Behaviour

Rossmoyne Senior High School’s Code of Behaviour is:

  • respect for all by all
  • self responsibility
  • right of all to pursue personal excellence.

The principles of the code are:

  • courtesy and consideration are extended to all by all members of the school community
  • all students have the right to learn and teachers the right to teach and develop a positive learning environment without hindrance
  • respect for the rights and property of every member of the school community
  • sound health and safety practices
  • members of the school community comply with required standards of behaviour and dress
  • the school has the right to discipline students as needed.

Staff Responsibilities


Staff have responsibility in ensuring that behaviour management at Rossmoyne Senior High School occurs in a mutually supportive and cooperative manner.

Classroom Teachers

Classroom Teachers have responsibility for managing student behaviour in their classroom and during designated duty and other supervision times. They may be called upon to assist other staff members in managing student behaviour, consult with their Head of Learning Area or Teacher In Charge concerning students who are exhibiting persistent, low-level disruptive behaviour and to discuss appropriate management strategies.

Heads of Learning Area

Heads of Learning Area have the responsibility for the overall management of student behaviour in their Learning Area, assisting their staff in managing student behaviour and liaising with the school administration in situations which require school consequences and responses.

Student Services

The Student Services Team aims to create a supportive learning environment by attending to students’ individual and collective emotional and social needs. The Student Services team is responsible for providing teaching staff with information about students which may affect or influence learning outcomes and behaviour. Year Coordinators are responsible for providing teachers with written and verbal feedback about students arising from progress reports and parental case conferences.

Associate Principals

The role of the Associate Principals is to assist the Principal in the leadership, management and administration of the Behaviour Management Policy. Associate Principals have overall responsibility for coordinating and implementing the behaviour management of students in particular year groups.


The Principal is required to organise the school to ensure that the Behaviour Management Policy operates within the requirements of the Education Act and the Regulations and Policies of the Department of Education. The Principal makes final decisions regarding suspensions and exclusion of students.

Classroom Policy

Classroom policy is consistent with whole school policy. However variations arise out of the individual circumstances of particular rooms and learning areas.

All students are expected to comply with the following behaviour expectations in class:

  • follow all instructions given by the teacher
  • complete set work to the best of their ability
  • treat others in the classroom with respect and courtesy
  • observe all special safety and behaviour rules that apply in a particular classroom workshop, studio, laboratory, gymnasium, swimming pool or any other area of the school where instruction occurs
  • comply with punctuality requirements
  • be prepared for class by bringing appropriate stationery, books, equipment and clothing
  • act in a manner which does not disrupt the teaching and learning of others
  • act in a manner which does not endanger the health and safety of others
  • treat school property and the property of others with care and respect.


Students who are in breach of this policy may face the following consequences:

  • yard duty
  • class withdrawal.
  • lunch or recess detention subject to the teacher making reasonable alternative arrangements for the student’s lunch, drink, toilet and locker needs.
  • after school detention for a maximum of one hour.
  • serious or repeated acts may result in referral to a Head of Learning Area or Teacher in Charge where other consequences may apply.
  • gross or repeated acts may result in referral to a Associate Principal where other consequences may apply.

Campus Policy

This section of policy relates to expectations that apply at the whole school level in order to maintain a safe and supportive school environment

  • Students will follow all instructions given by teachers.
  • Students will walk, and keep left, in the school corridors.
  • Students will at break times remain in their own designated area of the grounds.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted on the campus.
  • Liquid paper and elastic bands may only be used in the classroom under the supervision of a teacher.
  • Bags are to be carried in a considerate manner.
  • Laser pointers, skateboards and similar, electronic music or gaming devices, or similar are not to be brought to school.
  • All types of aerosol cans, including deodorants, paints, enamels etc, are not permitted at school.
  • All students are expected to dispose of litter in bins and comply when asked by staff to pick up rubbish.
  • Students are not to engage in inappropriate intimate physical contact with other members of the school community.
  • Students on the oval/basketball courts must be actively involved in games and must not consume food or drink while there.

Gross breaches of the Behaviour Policy

Theft/Damage to Property

Students who steal or damage or attempt to steal or damage school property at any time, including weekends, school holidays and before and after school or the property of others in the school community, face suspension from school. Police and court intervention may also be sought.


Students who are involved in a fight or incite others to fight will be suspended. Subsequent incidents of fighting or inciting others to fight may result in suspension for a maximum of ten days.

In cases of serious unprovoked assault the student concerned may face suspension for a maximum of ten days. Police intervention may also be requested. Exclusion proceedings may also be initiated against students who are involved in subsequent serious and unprovoked assaults.

Dangerous Acts

Any student who knowingly and wilfully acts in a manner which places the health and safety of others in the school community at risk may face suspension for up to ten days. This includes the use or possession of any weapon or chemical device. It may also include damaging or modifying any property or equipment in a manner which renders it dangerous.