Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Policy


The Principal must approve any fundraising activity to be conducted:

  • within the school,
  • on behalf of the school, or
  • by students, teachers, parents and any external organisations if the fundraising is to be conducted on behalf of the school.

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidelines to the Principal to assist the Principal determine whether to approve a fundraising activity within the scope of this policy (“school fundraising activity”).

It does not limit the activities of the P&C or other groups which are independent of the school


All approved fundraising activities should:

  • reflect the values and expectations of the school and the school community; and
  • enhance educational outcomes for students, or
  • contribute to the development of students as responsible citizens.

In considering a request to approve a fundraising activity within the scope of this policy, the Principal will take into account:

  • The nature of the proposed fundraising activity and how it will be carried out;
  • the risks, if any, the fundraising activity exposes the school or public to (for example, does the activity involve physical risks or risks to the school’s reputation?), and how those risks are being managed;
  • the legal requirements that apply (for example, whether a permit or licence is required), and whether they have been complied with;
  • the transparency and accountability of the fundraising and whether reliable estimates of revenue and expenditure have been prepared to ensure that the funds raised will be greater than the costs of running the activity;
  • the financial and any other impacts and obligations on students, parents and staff, and the number of other fundraising or school events that are occurring at the time; and
  • the purpose for which the funds are to be used and the expected benefit for the school or students.

Fundraising for school trips

If approved by the Principal, school fundraising activities for voluntary school-related trips may accrue either to individuals or groups. These funds can be used to pay direct trip expenses, but may not be dispersed as cash to individual students.


The safety of students must be a primary consideration in all school fundraising activities.

In addition to any required parental consent, student fundraising activities require supervision and should be age-appropriate.

Participation in school fundraising activities approved under this Policy is voluntary, and no student, parent or staff member will be required to participate.

The personal information of staff, students or other individuals will not be shared for the purposes of fundraising without prior consent.

School fundraising must not promote an external product or service, or be for the personal benefit of any individual, except when that benefit is within the stated purpose of the fundraising.

In undertaking any activity associated with school fundraising, the specified purpose of the fundraising must be identified.