Good Standing Policy

Rossmoyne Senior High School students will maintain their Good Standing by demonstrating: –

  • Satisfactory attendance and punctuality: full-time attendance at a class when normal classes are in operation. An absence is deemed unsatisfactory if it is unexplained or the explanation, in the view of the Associate Principal, is unacceptable. Please note staying home to study prior to assessment and examination periods is deemed inappropriate.
  • Maintaining an overall attendance percentage of above 90%.
  • Meeting the requirements of the school’s dress code


Loss of Good Standing for five (5) weeks will occur in the case of: –

  • If students do not clear unexplained absences after they have been reminded; and/or
  • Students are persistently late to school without satisfactory explanation even after intervention.
Course Requirements
  • A Head of Learning Area (HoLA) or Program Coordinator may recommend loss of Good Standing if, after intervention, a student is demonstrating poor application, late/unsatisfactory completion of homework or coursework, comes unprepared for lessons, or does not respect the rights of others to learn.
Dress Code
  • Persistent non-compliance with the School Dress Code after intervention.
Behaviour Expectations
  • Repeated breaches of the school Behaviour Management Policy including truancy and not following teacher instructions.
  • Any act which results in suspension.

Consequences of Loss of Good Standing

A student without Good Standing will not participate in any extra-curricular activities. In exceptional circumstances the Principal may choose to exclude students from participating in co-curricular activities, in which case alternative arrangements will be made to ensure students receive the information required.

Co-curricular activities are learning experiences that take place outside of the classroom but are still tied to the classroom curriculum and may be assessed in some way. These activities are inclusive of all students studying a particular course and their attendance is required.

Extra-curricular activities are learning experiences that enhance learning but these activities are voluntary and are not required for the completion of a course. All students do not have the ability to access all extra-curricular activities.

Privileges lost will include all activities in the following extra-curricular areas:

  • Social Events (e.g. School Ball, year group socials)
  • Club excursions (e.g. Bushrangers camps, debating excursions, chess tournaments)
  • School representation at Competitions and Carnivals (e.g. Maths Olympiad, Lightning Carnivals)
  • Tours (Intrastate, Interstate and International) (e.g. Service, Volleyball, Maths, Languages, Music, Camps)
  • Other activities (e.g. Valedictory, non-compulsory subject-based events)

Staff will be notified of students who have lost good standing in the weekly Staff Information Bulletin. Teachers in charge of excursions will be notified directly at the time of loss of Good Standing.

The student and parents/guardians will be notified in writing via SEQTA at the time of losing Good Standing.

Students are given the opportunity to appeal their loss of Good Standing and in exceptional circumstances this will be considered by the Principal.

Students with repeated loss of Good Standing will be required to meet the Associate Principal, the House Leader and their parent/guardian to discuss suitable educational alternatives.


Endorsed by School Board: 6 August 2019