Good Standing Policy

Please note: The Good Standing Policy is currently under review

A student has demonstrated he/she is a worthy member of the Rossmoyne Senior High School community by maintaining Good Standing through:-

  • Satisfactory attendance and punctuality: full-time attendance at a class when normal classes are in operation. An absence is deemed unsatisfactory if it is unexplained or the explanation, in the view of the Associate Principal, is inadequate or inappropriate
  • completion of all course requirements in accordance with subject outlines
  • satisfactory behaviour by adhering to the standards of the school’s code of behaviour
  • meeting the requirements of the school’s dress code


Loss of Good Standing for five (5) weeks will occur if:-


  • Three (3) absences from a class without satisfactory explanation
  • Three (3) lates to school/class without satisfactory explanation

Course Requirements

  • Three (3) Letters of Concern (regarding application, late/unsatisfactory completion of homework or coursework, unprepared for lessons, not respecting the rights of others)

Dress Code

  • Three (3) persistent non-compliance with the School Dress Code

Code of Behaviour

  • Three (3) breaches of the school code of behaviour including truancy


  • any act which results in suspension (minimum of 10 weeks loss of Good Standing).-

Consequences of Loss of Good Standing

Staff will be notified of students who have lost good standing in the weekly notices.

A student without Good Standing will not be allowed to represent the school, will face loss of privileges and therefore will not be permitted to participate in activities such as:-

  • school social events including the ball, dinner dance, year socials and river cruises
  • excursions of a social or non-assessment nature
  • lightning carnivals
  • other activities as determined at the time of the loss of good standing


At the time of losing Good Standing it will be indicated in writing to the student and parent:-

  • the reasons for the loss of Good Standing
  • the period of time before there will be a review of the student’s standing
  • what is required of the student to regain their Good Standing status

Good Standing Review

At the end of the period of loss of Good Standing there shall be a review of the student’s status by the Associate Principal and Year Coordinator. If it is deemed that the student has fulfilled the requirements as laid down at the time of loss of Good Standing they shall have their Good Standing reinstated. If it is deemed that the student has not fulfilled the requirements as laid down, another date for a further review or some further action will be determined.

Any further breaches, the student will meet the Associate Principal, the Year Coordinator and their parent/guardian to discuss suitable educational alternatives.