Students at Educational Risk Policy

Students at Educational Risk

Students whose academic, social and/or emotional attributes are a barrier to engagement with the content and standards defined in the Western Australian Curriculum are considered to be at educational risk.

All policy and procedural statements contained within this document are lawful orders for the purposes of section 80(a) of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (WA) and are therefore to be observed by all Department of Education employees.

Policy Statement

  • Rossmoyne Senior High School identifies, responds to and supports the diverse needs of all students so that they are able to engage with the content and standards defined in the Western Australian Curriculum.
  • The Principal, Associate Principals and teaching staff will develop and implement processes to identify, provide for, monitor and report on students who may be at educational risk.
  • All staff of Rossmoyne Senior High School will comply with the Rossmoyne Senior High School Students at Educational Risk Procedures.

Responsibility for Implementation and Compliance

Implementation of the policy is the responsibility of the Principal and teaching staff at Rossmoyne Senior High School.
Compliance monitoring is the responsibility of line managers.


The School has plans and processes in place that enable the early identification of students who may be at educational risk.


The Principal, Associate Principals, Heads of Learning Areas and the Student Central team including Learning Support Coordinator will:

  • develop and implement plans, processes and strategies that enable the delivery of a curriculum that maximises opportunities for all students at risk;
  • employ a combination of promotion and prevention approaches to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors influencing the educational, social and/or emotional development of students at risk;
  • allocate available resources and engage appropriate agencies to support individuals and groups of students at risk;
  • confirm that teaching staff provide the necessary teaching and learning adjustments and manage allocated resources to address the diverse needs of all students at risk;
  • confirm that teaching and relevant support staff engage in professional learning so that they are able to identify and address the specific needs of their students; and
  • encourage teachers to consult with relevant school-based and external stakeholders when planning for students at risk.

Monitoring and Reporting

Rossmoyne Senior High school staff will:

  • use a comprehensive range of assessment methods to collect quality data and information that can be used to inform the progress of students at risk; and
  • provide parents with ongoing, accurate and relevant information about their child’s progress.

Relevant data may include:

  • attendance and behaviour data;
  • anecdotal data from families;
  • reports and records from classroom teachers;
  • educational, health or welfare assessments completed by in-school or Department support services (and external support services where these have been provided to the school with the student and their parents’ consent), School Psychology Service reports; and/or
  • academic achievement data, such as NAPLAN.

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