Vehicles in and around the School

Sustainable Traffic Management Plan for Staff and Parents

The high volume of traffic in and around the school in the morning and afternoon makes it necessary to have a Sustainable Traffic Management Plan (STMP) to enable a smooth and safe operation of traffic. We request that when collecting students from the school all drivers adhere to our STMP. Should family or friends assist with transporting your children to and from school, please ask that they follow our requirements.

Alternatives to Driving to School

Rossmoyne Senior High School supports the use of public and active transport and encourages families to leave their car at home. A range of sustainable options are available.

  • Public Transport Options – Students are encouraged to use public transport. Current bus services include:
    •  Leach Highway Bus Services
      • Westward to and beyond Bull Creek Station
      • Eastward to Cannington Train Station
  • Bicycles Facilities – the school has a bicycle compound for student bicycles during the school day. The bike compound is located on the north-western corner of the school campus. The compound is locked soon after the commencement of the school day (approximately 9.00am) and unlocked by the end of the day (approximately 3.00pm). As an additional precaution against theft, students are encouraged to lock their bicycles while in the compound. Students should wear a helmet, high-visibility clothing where possible and be cautious when cycling to and from school.
  • Safe Walking Routes – Students are encouraged to walk to school along safe walking routes. Ideally children will arrange to walk to and from school with one or more of their peers.
  • Car-Pooling – Parents are encouraged to make car-pooling arrangements to minimise the number of cars being driven to school.
  • Student Vehicles – Students are discouraged from driving to school. There are no parking facilities provided by the school for student parking.

Driving to School

There are two main drop-off and pick-up zones:

  1. Keith Road – Parking is permitted on the side of the road adjacent to the school, such that children do not have to cross the road. NOTE parents are not to park in the designated no-parking areas. Please DO NOT undertake a U-turn or 3-point turn or double-park on Keith Road. After children are dropped-off or picked-up, parents must continue along Keith Road to the roundabout and exit accordingly.
  2. Apsley Road car park on Karel Avenue – This is strictly a drop-off and pick-up facility. Parking or standing for more than two minutes is NOT permitted.

How to Use the Drop-off and Pick-up zones

  • The following protocols have been developed to provide maximum safety for all children, parents and carers who use the zone.  Adherence to these simple rules will also assist with more speedy and efficient pick-up and drop-off.
  • Use the zone like a quick-moving taxi rank. Please remain alert to other vehicles and children in the vicinity.
  • Stay in the queue and move forward as a space becomes available.
  • Drivers must remain in the car while in the zone; no-one is to leave the car – even momentarily – while it is parked in the zone.  If you need to leave the car, then you must park elsewhere.
  • There is to be No Parking and No Double Parking in the zone at any time, otherwise the zone will not flow freely.
  • Children must enter and exit from the passenger / footpath side of the vehicle only.  This is a safety issue.
  • Children’s school bags & other items need to be with children in the car, not in the boot.  Please do not ask children to get school bags in or out of the boot, nor should adults leave the car to do so.  If you need to carry bags in the boot, please park in a designated parking area rather than use the zones.
  • Staggering your arrival times will also ease the traffic immediately before and after school.

Parking on the School Campus

Visitor parking is available on Keith Road and ACROD parking in Number 3 Car Park.

There are no parking bays for student vehicles.

There are four (4) main areas for parking of staff vehicles:

  • Number 1 Car Park
  • Number 2 Car Park adjacent to the Soccer field
  • Number 3 Car Park between the Performing Arts Centre and Student Services Centre, which includes two visitor bays and one ACROD bay.
  • Apsley Road Car Park (Number 4 Car Park) off the intersection of Karel Avenue and Apsley Road.
  • Inside the school campus along the service road.

For safety reasons, the number of vehicles allowed along the school service road is limited.

Thank you for your attention to our STMP.  Your cooperation and patience are appreciated by all.



Details of routes can be obtained from Transperth Information Line. Phone: 136213.

In the first weeks of the school year, every Year 7 student will have their photo taken in preparation for Smart Cards that will be available for use by the end of the Week 4. The Library Card is a multi-card with Transperth Smart Rider details on one side and school Library and photocopier card on the other. Students are able to use the card to travel on public transport, borrow resources and operate photocopiers in the school.

Ten day permits to ensure students can board the relevant bus to get home are available on request.