2017 School Board

Functions of the Board

The Rossmoyne Senior High School Board acts to promote the objectives and interests of the school community, its role being to provide strategic guidance and monitoring.

The School Board participates fully in:

  • Endorsing the Rossmoyne Senior High School Delivery and
  • Performance Agreement
  • Endorsing and reviewing the school budget and business plan
  • Monitoring the school’s performance
  • Developing processes to review the satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students, with results reported in the annual school report
  • Endorsing the annual school report
  • Selecting the Principal when a vacancy arises

Rossmoyne Senior High School’s Board has a proactive role in carrying out these functions and, also, in its role in the review and endorsement of school policies, plans and reports.

Structure and Membership of the Rossmoyne Senior High School Board

The School Board is made up of:

  • The Principal
  • Two staff members
  • Up to 11 members from parents, the P&C, community and business and industry
  • In addition, up to two student representatives are included on the Board, without voting rights

The School Board members are:

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    Ms Kirsty Barnetson LLB(Hons), MAICD, Board Chair
    Elected parent member

    Experience: Management, law and governance

    It was a great privilege and very exciting to work with our Principal, Milanna Heberle, throughout 2016 as she began her journey at Rossmoyne Senior High School.  Milanna has brought to the school an energy and a passion which align with the school’s ethos, and will underpin and support the ongoing commitment of the whole school community to excellence and success for all of our students, preparing “future ready citizens”, and being authentic in how the school operates. We look forward to Milanna’s ongoing contribution to our school in the years ahead.

    It was also exciting to be involved in the consultations with staff, students and parents as the school commenced the review of its business plan.  Much work has been done, and while the feedback was overwhelmingly that our vision of Future Ready Citizens is the right focus for our school, we have also identified a number of opportunities to enhance the outcomes we can achieve for our students, and to reaffirm the values that drive and shape our school community.  It is exciting in 2017 to be involved in finalising and implementing a forward-thinking and enduring plan, which will provide the roadmap for Rossmoyne to continue to achieve positive outcomes for all our students, and reaffirm our great desire that our students leave our school as capable, compassionate and confident members of our global community.

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    Mr Samuel Prodonovich BEd, MEd
    Deputy Chair
    Community member,
    parent of a current Rossmoyne Senior High School student and a former student.
    Experience: Education

    2017 sees the next iteration of the school strategic plan arriving and it has been a pleasure working with students, staff and the board to continue to develop a robust direction for the school. Of particular note is the clear idea our students have about what they want Rossmoyne Senior High School to be, not only for themselves, but for future students as well. It has been great to see the wide range of success enjoyed by Rossmoyne SHS students in 2016 and I look forward to seeing these successes continue under the guidance of the wonderful staff at Rossmoyne. Continued improvements to the physical facilities of the school and the retention and placement of quality staff are significant factors moving in to 2017 and beyond.

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    Ms Milanna Heberle BPE, Dip Ed, MEd
    Principal, Rossmoyne Senior High School
    Experience: Education, school leadership and management

    Rossmoyne Senior High School’s Board delivers significant benefits to the School. Most important, our Board brings together representatives of key stakeholders in public education – parents, staff, students, community and industry – who have a shared vision about the vital role of Rossmoyne Senior High School in preparing future ready citizens. It is inspiring and reassuring for me to work with a Board that has the expertise, experience and keen interest to set the School’s strategic directions, to encourage and support our staff and students, and to provide strong governance.

    I look forward to continuing to work with the Board in 2017 to maintain the School’s focus on providing the best possible educational opportunities and outcomes for Rossmoyne students.

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    Mr Andy Farrant
    DipTeach WA, Post Grad Diploma Arts Management, GAICD, FRSA
    Community Member
    Experience: Arts Management, media and marketing

     It is a great privilege to be a member of the Board of one of WA’s leading independent public schools.  I am inspired by the opportunities the school offers its students and the broader community. I trust my experience in the arts, business, and innovation sectors will add value to the students’ experiences and value to the long term strategic success of the school.

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    Mr Mahadevan (Jaya) Jayabalan
    BE, MSC, Grad Cert Mgt, PMP, MAIPM, MIE (Aust) CPEng, NPER-3
    Community member, parent of current Rossmoyne Senior High School students
    Experience: Building and construction, project management, transport, directorship

    Working as part of such a well-educated, experienced team of professionals to guide our school on a path of continued success is most rewarding. Seeing the school’s business plan come together for 2010 to 2013 and 2013 to 2016 and opening of the new car park (Karel Ave entrance) has definitely been a highlight of my time on the Rossmoyne Senior High School Board since 2010.

    We are working on the 2017-2020 business plan to be finalised in early 2017 and I look forward support the School’s Infrastructure Development projects as required.

  • Mr Jason Ji
    Student Member
    Experience: Year 12 Rossmoyne Senior High School student

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    Dr David McMeekin BSc PhD
    Community member, parent of current Rossmoyne Senior High School students
    Experience: Tertiary education, technology

    The 2016 year saw two major things occur at Rossmoyne Senior High School: The changing of the Principal and this coincided with the end of the Business Plan. This has been an excellent occurrence as it has facilitated the possibility for our new Principal to drive the creation of the next Business Plan, setting the strategic direction of the school over the coming years.
    It was fantastic to participate in the transition to our new Principal, assisting her in her role and seeing how new eyes can see things differently. The creation of the new Business Plan in 2017 is going to set the stage for the next chapter in for RSHS.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what will arise.

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    Ms Maureen Lorimer
    Community member
    Experience: Education

    As an educator in the public school system for more than 40 years, including principal for 13 years, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to contribute to the Rossmoyne Senior High School Board.  In my current roles with the Department of Education as a Principal Consultant – Strategic Policy  (School Curriculum and Standards) and as an Independent Reviewer of public schools (Independent Public Schools Review), I have kept up to date with curriculum developments within the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline (K – 10) and the Western Australian Certificate of Education (Years 11 and 12).  I have a strong understanding of school governance and welcome the opportunity as a board member to support the school in its strategic planning and future vision for the school community.

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    Mrs Anne McMillan BSc, FCA (ICAEW)
    P&C Nominee, parent of a current Rossmoyne Senior High School student
    Experience: Finance

    It is particularly rewarding to be part of the team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals that comprise Rossmoyne Senior High School’s Board. Being part of this team provides me with the opportunity to gain an insight into the workings of the School and make a small contribution to its strategic direction.

    In 2016 it was a privilege to be involved with the preparation for the Independent Review and witness its hugely successful outcome. As we now approach finalisation of the school’s new Business Plan for 2017-20 I look forward to continuing to work with the Board to support RSHS in achieving its goal of ensuring students are future-ready citizens.

  • Ms Aye Myint
    Student Member
    Experience: Year 12 Rossmoyne Senior High School student

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    Mr Dave Olney BSc
    Community member, former student of Rossmoyne Senior High School
    Experience: Senior executive management, directorships

    I feel privileged to be a part of a talented and diverse group of Board members whose aim is to serve RSHS through providing oversight, strategic direction and support.

    2016 was another very successful year for the school both performance wise and the smooth transition to new leadership.

    2017 and beyond present more opportunity in efficiently, meeting the future learning needs of students with world class teaching. The challenge is to continue the Rossmoyne Senior High School ethos of excellence and staying ahead through innovative leadership and direction setting.

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    Mr Michael Pailthorpe B. Bus (Marketing), MBA
    Elected Parent member
    Experience: Management, Governance and Marketing

    It was a great privilege to be elected to the board as a parent member. I am looking forward to bringing my perspective and experience to the board as it continues to collaboratively monitor the schools performance against its business plan and its overarching goal to prepare ‘future ready citizens’.

    The school has a wonderful brand and reputation and we need to keep working hard to ensure this is maintained and ensure that the school continues to actively engage its stakeholders, to challenge itself and to strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for its students, parents, staff and wider community.

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    Prof Gordon Parkinson BSc, MSc, PhD, FRSC, FRACI, FRMS, C Chem
    Community member
    Experience: Tertiary education, innovation, science

    It is a pleasure and privilege to be a member of the School Board, working with staff, students and members of the community, all of whom are committed and passionate about the importance of education and in particular about the excellent institution that is Rossmoyne Senior High School.

    A key responsibility of the School Board is to provide input into the development of, and ultimately endorse the School Business Plan. Given the rapidly changing world we live in, and consequent uncertainty about the future that our students will face, we are keen to help prepare them to be as ready as possible to face whatever they will encounter. Hence, the overarching theme of the Business Plan is “Future Ready Citizens”.

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    Ms Simone Rigelsford BEd Dip Tch (Mathematics)
    Deputy Principal
    Elected Staff member

    Experience: Education

    Being part of such a professional team of well-educated individuals with a common passion for providing the best possible educational environment for our students is most rewarding.

    Last year was filled with highlights for me as a board member and as Deputy Principal/Program Coordinator for Year 7. These included being part of the Independent Public School Review and involvement in the initial stages of the development of our next Business Plan.

    In 2017, I take on a new role in our school as Program Coordinator Middle Years and continue as Chairperson of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. I will bring to the Board my knowledge and first-hand experience in these areas and continue supporting the push for school redevelopment.

    I look forward to continuing to be part of the team involved in the decision making processes at our outstanding school.

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    Mr Dane Williams
    Elected Staff Member
    Experience: Education

    I joined the School Board in 2016, and always look forward to being part of such a professional and diverse organisation which is able to make a governance contribution to our school. As a Rossmoyne staff member working with our School Board I enjoy being able to provide my educational expertise and passion to our meetings.

    This year I am particularly looking forward to the shaping of our 2017-2020 Business Plan and collaborating with our Principal, Milanna Heberle, in the development of our school’s strategic direction.

  • Co-opted member: Prof Rob Cavanagh PhD
    Experience: Education, educational measurement, school leadership development