Teachers at Rossmoyne Senior High School

One of the main reasons Rossmoyne Senior High School is recognised as one of the nation’s leading schools is the calibre of its teachers. Rossmoyne employs over 170 teachers who provide a range of exciting learning opportunities that engage, motivate and inspire students to excel. Their strong curriculum knowledge is supported by a whole school pedagogy that promotes high aspirations, excellence and respect.

Teachers encourage students to have high aspirations, to strive for excellence in all pursuits, and to demonstrate respect for self, others and the environment. This is supported and nurtured by teachers in a number of ways:

1.  To encourage high aspirations for all students, teachers:

  • motivate
  • encourage
  • support students to set challenging yet realistic goals
  • communicate with parents
  • expect high standards of all students
  • innovate

2.  To encourage students to strive for excellence in all endeavours, teachers:

  • provide a range of opportunities
  • believe that every student can enjoy success in the classroom
  • know each student as an individual
  • acknowledge student achievement
  • have mastery of their subject discipline/s
  • vary teaching styles for groups and individuals
  • are committed to ongoing professional development.

3.  To encourage students to demonstrate respect for self, others and the environment, teachers:

  • care about each student
  • provide a calm, orderly classroom learning environment
  • are accepting of individual student differences
  • cater for individuality
  • personally model respect, punctuality, high standards of dress and demeanour
  • maintain tidy classrooms and school grounds
  • are fair
  • are self-reflective practitioners

Contacting Teaching Staff

Parents can contact their child’s teachers via SEQTA