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Rossmoyne Senior High School

Rossmoyne Senior High School is one of Australia’s top schools, known for consistent achievement of outstanding academic results. At Rossmoyne, students are taught to be considerate team-players who care for others and give back to the community.

Students enjoy a wide range of pathway and subject options across 10 learning areas and are supported to thrive by the school’s strong House system and pastoral care structure.

The school is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, and strives to equip students with skills, capabilities and understandings that empower them to live and work successfully in the 21st century.

Schooling for local and specialist-program students

Rossmoyne Senior High School caters for all local students, as well as those who are enrolled by selective entry in the Specialist Mathematics, Specialist Classical Music, Specialist Volleyball, or Gifted and Talented Languages programs.

Student pathways

Rossmoyne teaches in line with the Year 7 to Year 10 Western Australian Curriculum. From Year 11, students choose to take a general, ATAR or Vocational Education pathway toward high school completion.