Athletics Carnival 2020 : Pre-Carnival Events

Athletics Carnival 2020 : Pre-Carnival Events

Congratulations to all participants of the pre-carnival 1500m Sprints that have taken place throughout August, 2020!

Rossmoyne Senior High School event photo galleries remain online for 30 – 60 days only before they are archived.
Please contact to request specific photos from this event.

Year 7 Girls
1st – DeriAnne M.
2nd – Hayley H.
3rd – Olivia G.
4th – Saveesha W.

Year 7 Boys
1st – Angus C.
2nd – Kieran A.
3rd – Hari Prasath M.
4th – Shaw-kay C.

Year 8 Girls
1st – Lillian S.
2nd – Evelyn J.J.
3rd – Olivia S.
4th – Evangeline L.

Year 8 Boys
1st – Harry R.
2nd – Jordan O.
3rd – Zane N.
4th – Ayush K.

Year 9 Girls
1st – Shanelle C.
2nd – Alyssa O.
3rd – Miriam C.
4th – Gurleen K. V.

Year 9 Boys
1st – Cameron Z.
2nd – Preston K.
3rd – Terrence K.
4th – Connor Z.

Year 10 Girls
1st Jemah K.
2nd Evie D.P.
3rd Chantel L.
4th Alannah G.

Year 10 Boys
1st Senuth W.
2nd Ashane H.
3rd Jerome H.
4th Sean B.

Year 11 Girls
1st Vanessa M.
2nd Brooke H.and Steph M.

Year 11 Boys
1st Darcy K.
2nd Kayan N.
3rd Jennis J.
4th Kuan Q.

Year 12 Boys
1st Daniel M.
2nd Radishna D.
3rd Vaibhav S.