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In 2023, 21 Rossmoyne Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 99+, placing them in the top 1 percent of all West Australian students.

The results, released on December 18, reflect the students’ aspiration, dedication, and hard work across their final years of school.

Congratulations to:

  • Ashutosh Alung
  • Kelly Chen
  • Rebecca Cheong
  • Shanelle Chia
  • Long Feng
  • Yiming Han
  • Mahsa Huq
  • Tarun Inthunesan
  • Anjana Janarthan
  • Kaitlyn Lee
  • Jimu Li
  • Aaron Liu
  • Linda Liu Si Yu
  • Pragati Nath
  • Hagen Seatay
  • Archie Taylor
  • Ryan Tham
  • Gurleen Kaur Virdi
  • Lealia Wong
  • Emily Xiao
  • Dylan Yeoh

Congratulations also to the families and teachers who supported these exceptional students throughout their educational journey.

ATAR is an acronym for ‘Australian Tertiary Admission Rank’, it is an aggregate measure of a student’s achievement in their best four scaled ATAR subject scores. Learn more about ATAR.

All student results are available from December 18 at

Rossmoyne’s outstanding academic reputation is upheld year on year and is reflected in the ATAR results.