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Our Health and Physical Education Department (HPE) have been coming up with many great initiatives to ensure our students can continue to participate in their regular timetabled physical activities and enjoy outdoor active breaks whilst there is construction on both our school ovals. We are fortunate the P&C recently invested in a significant spend refurbing our swimming pool so that it is now heated. Our Head of HPE Lisa Somers has confirmed it is now ‘beautiful and warm’.  A big thank you to our P&C for their contribution. Students and staff are now able to use the onsite pool all year long.
The HPE has also introduced modified games into their programs such as wiffleball and beach cricket on our beach volleyball courts to utilise spaces that we have. Students still have access to our large gymnasium, outdoor courts and indoor fitness centres during the rebuild.
Over the next year these new buildings will be built on the current oval spaces and from there the older section of the school on the west end we will be demolished to make way for a brand new oval and sporting precinct. Essentially, the footprint of the school will move towards Karel Ave and the back section of the school which was once classrooms becomes a large oval, change rooms and HPE offices.