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🧳🇩🇪 Rossmoyne welcomed three exchange students, Leni, Clemens and Anneke this week from Germany who will be staying with our Year 11 students Dinelka, Husna and Harvina and their families for twelve weeks. The exchange is organised by the German-Australian student exchange SAGSE that has successfully been running the program for decades sending many lucky students to Germany and bringing German students to Australia. Leni, Clemens and Anneke will be able to fully experience life, culture and school in Australia. Our three Rossmoyne students will then be going to Germany at the end of the year for twelve weeks and can experience German culture, language and lifestyle first hand. This experience is a fantastic opportunity to immerse in culture and expand students horizons beyond country borders. The exchange program benefits all students studying German at Rossmoyne as in class students have the opportunity to converse in German with the exchange students and further increase their knowledge of the language and country. 👋Welcome Leni, Clemens and Anneke!