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The teams were fierce, and the competition was tough when our Year 8 students showed off their incredible skills and sportsmanship at their lightning carnival. Congratulations to the girls’ soccer A Division team for their outstanding performance, and for becoming the A2 champions. They played with such confidence, leadership, and passion.
Our netball teams were also spectacular! They played with great skill, and confidence, and had so much fun that their energy was contagious. All teams came 4th in their respective divisions B2, A2, and A1.
The boys’ Division 1 Basketball team was a force to be reckoned with! These talented young men put up a great fight against some tough opposition and, unfortunately, were defeated in the bronze medal game. The Division 2 boys’ team was also fantastic, losing only 2 of their 5 games in a tight contest but missing out on finals based on overall points. The Girls Division 1 team was equally impressive and played with great teamwork and energy, finishing 3rd in their pool.
All teams and their coaches are to be acknowledged for attending early morning tryouts and training sessions leading up to the day and demonstrating our iCARE values throughout the day. Congratulations to all who participated.