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Looking to learn more about our school?

Check out some of our most recent publications, including our current Business Plan 2022 – 2025, Annual Report, Independent Review and our official Rossmoyne Quarterly which is published once a term to highlight all the amazing achievements happening at our school.

Business Plan 2022 – 2025

This plan is a deliberately bold statement that aspires to develop a paradigm shift across Rossmoyne Senior High School. Our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning will be enhanced, to ensure our students are equipped with the skills, capabilities and understandings that will empower them to live and work successfully in the 21st century. The plan focuses on developing future leaders and citizens of our global community who understand and enact positive values, beliefs and character traits; and who can successfully apply their knowledge as they embrace and shape their future. We aspire to create the conditions for students to develop strong ethical and philosophical understandings and the capacity to strengthen our society by working with those around them to make positive change.

Business Plan 2022 – 2025

Annual Report 2022

2022 was a year of transition, starting with heavy impacts from the pandemic and slowly returning to a “normal” state by the end of the year. Many of the limitations and interruptions that were placed on schools were lifted throughout the year and we were able to participate in National and International Tours again. The experiences that we have dealt with over the previous two years gave us an opportunity to look at the world through a different set of eyes and we have been able to apply these important lessons as we move back to our normal operating processes.

Annual Report 2022

Independent Reviews

Rossmoyne SHS is commended for “the quality learning environment with a range of courses, specialist programs and strategies that engage students in learning while providing an atmosphere that fosters care and well-being to a high level.”

2020 Public School Review

The Quarterly

The Rossmoyne Quarterly is published online at the end of each school term and is a celebration of student aspiration and achievement.