COVID-safe Term 1, 2021

COVID-safe Term 1, 2021

The COVID-19 situation can change rapidly.
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Saturday February 6, 2021.

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of all staff, I look forward to welcoming our students, and all the excitement of day 1, when our school opens on Monday 8 February.

The five-day lockdown for Perth, Peel and the South West ended at 6pm, Friday 5 February, however some COVID-safe measures will continue until 12:01am, 14 February. 

This communication provides you with information on what our school will look like for our first week of the school year. The advice I am providing is the most up to date at this point in time. I will provide further advice, should there be additional information that impacts on our students and the start of their school year. Up to date information can be found through Healthy WA and Department of Education..  


For the safety of our students and staff masks will be worn at our school. Mask provision is a personal responsibility. Students will need to wear masks in public for the next week, including getting to school, but we will have masks if students arrive without one, lose their mask or it gets damaged. Staff will be able to remove masks during instruction time. Our staff will support students to understand the importance of wearing a mask, as together, we work through this transition.

Visiting the school

I ask that until restrictions are relaxed, unless it is absolutely essential, you refrain from entering the school grounds. This will assist us to be able to focus on what is most important, settling students into their educational programs. Should you need to come into the school, as for staff and students, please arrive wearing a mask.

As you are aware, we have a large site and as such, have many contractors, delivery persons and community users come onto our school grounds on a daily basis.  For this reason, while it is not mandatory in schools, we will be using the SafeWA QR code monitoring system for all visitors into the school.

The restrictions in place until 14 February have meant that assemblies and events that were to include parents are currently being re-scheduled. School-invited parent meetings may go ahead as planned. Staff will contact you directly.

COVID safety for staff and students

We are following all Health Department requirements for schools.  This includes physical distancing requirements and maintaining high levels of cleaning and hygiene practices.  There will be ongoing cleaning of classrooms throughout the day and hand sanitiser readily available for students. Students are encouraged to wash and sanitise their hands on a regular basis.

Day 1 procedures

The school day will proceed as planned from 8:50am.  As the school is open and students are expected to attend school, online lessons will not be provided for students who choose to stay at home.

  • Years 8 – 12 students will begin the day with House assemblies and the key messages will be communicated to all students.
  • Year 7 parents and carers should have received communication regarding what the first day at secondary will look like. Students should meet in the Year 7 Quad outside of the Mathematics block.

Other information

  • The Cafeteria will be open, and students can access it during scheduled break times. Physical distancing will be in effect.
  • If your child is unwell, they must stay at home and follow the government guidelines around COVID testing.  Please ensure you report an absence using the information provided in previous correspondence.
  • The second-hand uniform shop will be open on Thursday and Friday.

I want to assure you that the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to follow the latest WA Health advice. 

Thank you to all students and parents for your understanding and support during the lockdown. 

If you have any further questions, please contact the school on 9235 1600.

Milanna Heberle
Rossmoyne Senior High School Principal