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We understand how important it is to find a high school that has the ‘right fit’ for your child and family.

Sometimes no matter how much you hear about a school, its programs, the opportunities available you just need to see and feel it for yourself.

Here at Rossmoyne, our school tours blend into our normal school day. You will visit between two periods, i.e our 2700 plus students will be in classes and you won’t have to navigate the busy corridors through change of class or break.

We strive to welcome prospective families, incoming students, and parents into the school regularly. Our events aim to support student orientation at high school, and allow prospective families to find their ‘right fit’ at Rossmoyne Senior High School.

Below is a list of all visiting opportunities for local families, those interested in Specialist Programs, and those seeking more information about the Gifted and Talented Program, as well as members of the General Public.

General Public

Tour dates and tickets for 2024 are available.

Local Families

  • Local families will receive enrolment packs at their local primary school in the middle of the year prior to commencement of Year 7.

Families Interested in Specialist Programs

Families Interested in Gifted and Talented Programs

Learn more about enrolment eligibility and how to gain entry to study at Rossmoyne Senior High School.