Healthy Food and Drink Policy


Rossmoyne Senior High School has a vital role to play in helping to reduce childhood obesity and to reinforce and role model good nutrition and health lifestyle practices.



The school community has a responsibility to ensure these messages are delivered by:

  • teaching students the importance of positive food and health concepts via the curriculum;
  • modelling healthy food and drink choices in the cafeteria menu, in the staff room, for class treats/rewards and at school events such as study classes, camps and excursions;
  • implementing the WA Government’s “Traffic Light – Healthy Food and Drink Choices” policy;
  • providing opportunities for all students in Years 7-10 to participate in a minimum of two hours physical activity each week;
  • developing physical activity opportunities for Years 11 and 12; and
  • developing a process for the use of ‘discretionary choices’ where the Curriculum dictates, for example, learning skills in cookery.


Links with the Curriculum

  • A whole school approach to the provision of consistent positive messages through the delivery of curriculum, social and physical environments in teaching and learning.


  • Build and maintain positive relationships between the school, home and the wider community in respect to key health messages and initiatives and the support of the canteen/cafeteria promotion of healthy eating.
  • Include at least one communication per term in the school newsletter outlining healthy lifestyle and eating guidelines and information.


School cafeteria guidelines

  • The menu is reviewed by the Rossmoyne Senior High School Executive with at least one staff member from an applicable Learning Area such as HPE and/ or Technology on a seasonal basis.
  • Provide menu variety and change particularly according to summer and winter seasons.
  • Have available and on daily basis promote a wide range of foods that should make up the majority of a healthy diet (GREEN).
  • Have available only on occasional basis and avoid large serving sizes of foods that should only be eaten in moderation (AMBER).
  • Not marketing foods that do not meet specified minimum nutrient criteria (RED).
  • A wide range of foods will be offered, taking into consideration Australia’s multicultural society.
  • All foods sold have adequate labelling and comply with Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code (FSANZ).


Food Safety and Hygiene

  • The cafeteria must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health act 1984 and Regulations.
  • Staff must be aware, and familiar with, evacuation and other emergency procedures.
  • All staff must wear enclosed footwear, hats, hair nets and aprons (provided).
  • Only selling foods prepared in registered commercial kitchens.
  • Staff and students are not permitted to enter the cafeteria cooking premises during normal trading hours unless part of a supervised educational visit.
  • Only cafeteria staff may enter the cafeteria cooking premises during normal trading hours.


Cafeteria Management Issues

  • The cafeteria is run by an external service provider and all management issues can be raised directly with Rossmoyne Senior High School.


Cafeteria Equipment

  • The external provider should ensure safety on the utilisation of equipment and according to appliance directions.
  • Any cafeteria equipment maintenance, structural defects or faults management should be reported to the Principal’s delegate (Manager Corporate Services).


Policy Issues

  • The Cafeteria must comply with Department of Education policies and Financial Management in Schools.
  • Policy amendments or additions should be endorsed by the School Board.
  • The policy shall be reviewed at the start of a new Service Contract.


Fundraising and whole school staff and/or student activities

Staff should:


Websites relating to Healthy Food and Drink choices which may provide useful information



Last update: 4 February 2019