Incoming Student Council

Incoming Student Council

As we farewell the Year 12 student councillors within the Class of 2022, we also welcome the newly elected student leaders who will take their place.

Led by Head Girl Vuyi Moyo and Head Boy Patrick Madlener, the 2023 student councillors from Year 8 to Year 12  (listed below) will utilise their leadership skills to help our school and community continue to flourish.

A message from Vuyi and Patrick:

“As councillors since Year 7, we both have already had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the leadership team. We have developed a range of leadership skills such as strong interpersonal skills and resilient mindsets, whilst both being hardworking and aspiring students. Having experienced much exposure to the role in our younger years as councillors, and can bring this experience and our skill sets to the role of Head Boy and Girl. We aim to be the bridge between students and staff, representing the voice of all students. We also hope to continue to grow and learn as this role gives us opportunity to develop our skills. We both look forward to being your representatives.”

Year 12 – 2023

Vuyi Moyo – Head Girl

Patrick Madlener – Head Boy

David Ojo

Aly Carton

Dylan Yeoh

Shanelle Chia

Matthew Loffler

Begimai Lowden

Year 11 – 2023

Chloe Wijaya

Emma Kwek

Linton Davies

Nethuli Kannangara Koralalage

Praneeath Nanthavarman

Reshan Gill

Year 10 – 2023

Noriaki Jayasekara

Aimee Chen

Aleya Voon

Sienna Pailthorpe

Oolka Verma Verma

Emily Power

Year 9 – 2023

Aden Ong

Yutong Li

Leonardo Wijaya

Ethan Sia

Chantelle Hui

Christian Pasquale

Year 8 – 2023

Annie Zhang

Frederick Jacono

Rayaan Junaid

John Adewuyi

Dash Peak

Mehela Ram