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Over the past decade Rossmoyne Senior High School has successful integrated a student computer program to provide online learning opportunities for all students. To support online learning, the school has a full-time IT team available to assist students and staff using the school network.

Under the school BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) program, students are required to provide their own computing device and bring it to school daily, starting from Year 7.

The school strongly recommends a Windows notebook or Apple MacBook to maximise your child’s learning experience. The device needs to have a long battery life, be light and portable, and it needs to be practical to use in the classroom. Most of our student use Apple MacBook and Windows laptops. We also have a few students using tablets and Chromebooks. Apple MacBooks can be purchased from the Apple Store or from an authorised reseller like Winthrop Australia. The school will be able to assist with your warranty or insurance claims if it is purchased from Winthrop.

Details of the offers available through Winthrop Australia can be viewed at;

If you are considering buying an HP Notebook computer, you can view their range of laptops at (enter “rossmoyneshs” for the school code).

All devices purchased through the HP BYOD portal includes free delivery and comes with three years onsite warranty. More information including contact details can be found on their website.

We highly recommend that you also purchase a protective case for your child’s device. We also recommend insurance.

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What model do you recommend?

This is really up to you. Although most parents have purchased MacBook Air, most devices work well on our school network.

If we already have a notebook computer at home, can my child use this?

Your device will need to have a good battery life and be suitable for carrying around in a school bag. Your child is welcome to bring it to school and try it out. Some students are using Windows computers, tablets (e.g. iPad, Surface) and Chromebooks.

What happens if there is a warranty issue or a repair is needed on the MacBook we purchased from Winthrop Computers?

You can leave it at the school where it will be picked up and handled by Winthrop. If there is a charge for repairs not covered under warranty, you will need to arrange this with Winthrop Computers. If you did not buy your computer from Winthrop, you will need to make your own arrangements.

Can my child use an iPad or tablet?

Students will need to be able to use a keyboard, and they will probably find a screen keyboard too slow. If you want to use a tablet, consider a case with an integrated keyboard. Your child may find the screen too small, but this is up to you. Apple, Android and Windows tablets should all connect to our network. A Windows device, MacBook or iPad are needed for NAPLAN, but school devices will be available if your child has another device (e.g. a Chromebook).

Will I need to pay for extra software?

Most work in the classroom is web based, and there are usually no requirements to install extra software. Microsoft Office is available free for all students.

How much support can the school provide for my child’s device?

We will help getting it connected to the school network. The IT office at the school is available for students to visit with any problems, but we can’t help with hardware issues.

What if I cannot afford to purchase a notebook computer for my child?

For those who cannot at present afford to purchase their child a computer, we may have older MacBooks available for loan from the school, so that your child will not be disadvantaged in the classroom. A school loan depends on your circumstances. Contact the school for more information.

Any questions should be directed to the school ICT Manager:

Sujit Pottayil Kuttappan
T: 9235 1629

or the school Administration Manager:

Mark Southon
Phone: 9235 1633

School Computer Notebook / BYOT Program

Students involved in the school’s BYOT Program are required to sign the Acceptable Use Policy and comply with all aspects of the policy. A student may lose the privilege of being involved in the BYOT program should they breach any aspect of the policy.

Students online in public schools.


There is a charge for all printing in the school. Students needing to recharge their printing account can do so at the Hub.

Codes of Conduct

Computer Use

Student use of computers and associated learning technologies at Rossmoyne Senior High School requires that they:

  • only open applications on instruction from their teacher
  • treat school learning technologies equipment with respect
  • External media (e.g. flash and external drives) may be checked for legality at any time. If the contents are deemed inappropriate, illegal or in breach of copyright the media may be confiscated and further action will result.

Network Use

Students will follow the teacher’s instructions at all times.

Students must not:

  • use unauthorised communication software,
  • allow others to use their account. Students will log on to their own account only.

The following are not permitted:

  • sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
  • using obscene language or offensive words
  • harassing, insulting, or attacking others
  • violating copyright laws
  • intentionally wasting limited resources
  • employing the network for commercial purposes.

Email Use

Students may only access email at “”.

Education Department email is provided for students to conduct research and communicate with others within their educational environment.

Internet Use

Students using the computer network, including internet access, are expected to do so in a manner that actively supports the ethos of Rossmoyne Senior High School. The Associate Principals and other school staff review files and monitor student computer and internet activity to maintain system integrity and to ensure that users are acting responsibly. All internet activities are subject to electronic and other types of monitoring.

As per the Department of Education policy, the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices for communication and filming (still and video) is not permitted. Filming people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and is not allowed.

Privacy is not guaranteed

As per the Department of Education policy, mobile phone use for communication and filming (still and video) is not permitted. Filming people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and is not allowed.

  • Access to the internet is for education purposes only. Any site visited should reflect the needs of the subject. The accessing of sites of an offensive nature is not permitted.
  • Email (other than the official school email), chat lines and other forums are not to be accessed. Games and gaming sites are not to be accessed at any time.
  • Students must not download any material from the net without permission. In particular, music , video and related files that breach copyright should not be downloaded or stored using the school network.

On enrolment into Rossmoyne Senior High School, students are obliged to comply with the conditions of the Code of Conduct.

Inappropriate use of mobile phones, recording and electronic devices

As per Department of Education Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy (3 February, 2020), mobile phones, electronic communication devices, headphones/ear buds are not permitted to be used on school grounds from the moment a student arrives onto school grounds to the conclusion of the school day (Monday & Wednesday 3.15pm, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3.05pm)**- ‘Off and Away All Day’.

The use of mobile phones or other electronic devices for filming (still and video) is not permitted. Filming people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and is not allowed.

The school, through its Duty of Care, can look at and download the contents of mobile phones and other recording devices confiscated or in the possession of students, for material that is in breach of school rules or content that is inappropriate. This includes laptops, tablets, smart watches and all associated periphery devices.

Any students found to be involved in recording, distributing or uploading inappropriate images or videos of students, parents or staff on school premises, or when there is a nexus to the school, will be suspended.

** From time to time a student may have an after-school class whereby the students will need to abide by this policy.


Depending on each circumstance the consequences for breaches of this Code of Conduct include:

  • temporary confiscation of the device (e.g., mobile phone) which will be left at School Reception for collection by parent from the relevant Associate Principal (school administration closes at 4pm),
  • temporary or permanent loss of computing privileges within a learning area or the whole school,
  • loss of Good Standing, suspension or other penalty,
  • ineligibility for future courses involving use of computers,
  • restitution of costs associated with repairs to equipment; and/or
  • police involvement.