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School Day Travel

Travel options

Rossmoyne students make their way to school on foot, bike, bus or car. Student safety is always our priority. If you are using the school car parks and drop off points, please help to reduce the risk of car park incidents by driving calmly and respectfully.
Please take care.

School Day


Comply with signs.
Do not park in ‘NO PARKING’ areas, on corners or in school car parks.


Avoid U-Turns on Keith Road. Dropping off or picking up in the middle of the road, at traffic lights or along Karel Ave when traffic stopped.


Respect property of local residents (do not obstruct driveways or damage lawn). Everyone has the right to feel safe travelling to and from school.


Encourage your child to walk or ride to school with others. This will not only help their wellbeing, but also ease traffic congestion.

Bike Racks

Rossmoyne has many bike racks situated throughout the campus to assist students who are coming to school from neighbouring suburbs on bike. Students are encouraged to lock their bikes and leave them in the allocated bike areas during school hours.

Using the bus

Transperth buses service Rossmoyne Senior High School which stop on Leach Highway. When planning your journey to school, be sure to stay updated with any @Transperth school service changes at

Parking around the school

Please be mindful of our local neighbours when parking around the school and ensure you adhere to the parking signs. The City of Melville has provided a School Parking Fact Sheet to assist with your driving journey to school.