Interschool Debating 2022

Interschool Debating 2022

Our Debating Team had a successful day on Friday 28 October as they took on Round 3 of the Interschool Debating season.

Year 7
Despite being scheduled for an official bye week, our Year 7s enjoyed a ‘friendly’ debate against Lakeland Senior High School on the topic ‘We should all be vegan.’ Rossy students argued the affirmative and all envolved enjoyed the friendly fun.

Year 8
Our Year 8s suffered their first and only defeat of the year in a narrow loss to Harrisdale Senior High School on the topic ‘War is justified.’ The passionate debate saw our  Year 8s put in a commendable effort and go down by just two points.

Year 9
The Year 9s remained undefeated, securing a close victory against Hammond Park in the affirmative on “The destination is more important than the journey.” The Hammond Park team was formidable, but Rossmoyne came out on top.

Year 10
The Year 10s are also undefeated and favourites for the championship trophy after defeating a very strong John Curtin College side in the negative on the topic “Artificial Intelligence is the end of humanity.” This victory is the second time we have had some Year 9s debating in the Year 10 division and taken a win!

Round 3 was hosted by Hammond Park College in October, and the final debates will take place in Week 7 at Harrisdale Senior High School.