Visit Our School

At Rossmoyne Senior High School, we strive to welcome prospective families, incoming students, and parents into the school regularly.

We host various events that aim to support student orientation at high school, as well as allow prospective families to find their ‘right fit’ at Rossmoyne.

Below is a list of all visiting opportunities for local families, families interested in Specialist Programs, those seeking more information about the Gifted and Talented Program, as well as members of the General Public.

Local Families

  • Local families who are enrolled in Year 7 to commence in 2022 were welcomed to a special parent experience event on August 5, 2021.
  • Local students who are enrolled in Year 7 to commence in 2022 will be invited to a Student Orientation Day in Term 4 on December 6th. Parents and Guardians will be emailed directly with further details.

Families Interested in Specialist Programs

Families Interested in Gifted and Talented Programs

  • Rossmoyne is a Gifted and Talented Languages School.
  • The Department of Education run the Gifted and Talented Program Applications centrally, and offer information sessions for families to learn more about the program in October each year. One of these Information Sessions is located at Rossmoyne Senior High School.
  • Rossmoyne will also host a Languages Specific Information Session in the first half of 2022, open to those student who receive Round 1 Offers through their Department of Education application. These families will be contacted directly with an invitation to these sessions.
  • Learn more about the GaT Languages Program.

General Public

Learn more about enrolment eligibility and how to gain entry to study at Rossmoyne Senior High School here.