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Rossmoyne Senior High School runs a range of student clubs and other opportunities that enrich the student experience from Years 7 to 12.

Student clubs

Rossmoyne’s student clubs cater for all personalities and interests. Student clubs run in break times, or before or after school. See the full list of student clubs.

Endorsed Programs

Many of Rossmoyne’s student clubs are recognised as ‘endorsed programs’, meaning they have been assessed by the School Curriculum and Standard Authority and deemed to include ‘significant learning’ that can contribute to a C grade equivalent for students in Year 10 and above. Clubs that qualify for this category are labeled as ‘endorsed programs’ on the full list of student clubs.

Get more information from the School Curriculum and Standard Authority.

School Events

Rossmoyne holds a range of student events each term to engaged students both academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Highlights each year include:

  • Year 7 Orientation Week
  • The Year 12 Ball
  • Swimming Carnivals
  • Club Fairs and Carnivals (run at break time by the Student Council)
  • ANZAC Day
  • Harmony Week
  • The RUOK Day Staff Vs Student Basketball Game
  • iCARE Week (week-long, whole school end of year celebration, run by the student council)
  • The Year 7 Community Learning Project
  • Excellence Assemblies
  • House Assemblies (student-led)
  • Student leadership training camps
  • iCARE Day (Year 12 final day of school)
  • Year group social events (dinner dances, discos, sausage sizzles, river cruises, outings to Bounce and the ice rink)
  • MADDD Arts Festival
  • Kaleidoscope Visual Arts Festival