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Year 11 students study an individual combination of programs and courses that collectively make up their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

There are multiple pathway options that lead to a variety of after-school options including working life and tertiary education.

Year 11 courses and classes

Students are assisted by their designated Course Counsellor to choose courses that best suit their interested, aspirations and abilities. This process takes place in Year 10, in preparation for Year 11.

Curriculum Handbook

The Curriculum Handbook outlines the many courses and programs available to Year 11 students at Rossmoyne.

Rossmoyne’s large cohort and staff size means the school is able to offer a range of exciting, niche subjects not always available at smaller school.

The Year 11 Curriculum Handbook is available here.

Forms and policies

All forms and policies are available on SEQTA including the period zero assessment schedule.

For more information on absentees including the sickness and misadventure guidelines and form please visit here.

For a full list of all our school policies please visit here.

Resource List

Year 11 Resource List is available here.

More details

School Curriculum and Standards Authority booklets and links

Read about Year 11 in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) Booklets:


TISC is the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre. Learn more about university admission at the TISC website.