Mathematics Excellence

Mathematics Excellence

South of the River Interschool Mathematics Competition: Winners of first and third place prizes

On 10 March, our brightest Year 11 and 12 students participated in the MAWA Have Sum Fun Upper School South Competition, at Trinity College, accompanied by Ms Robinson and Mr White. A total of 38 school teams competed on the night, with the Rossmoyne Senior High School team placing first, with a top score of 29 out of 32. Our winning team included: Isabel Longbottom (Year 12), William Hu (Year 12), Zhipei Zheng (Year 12), Shiva Jayabalan (Year 11), Michael Lee (Year 11) and Lucy Zhou (Year 11). The students have won this division two years in a row.


On 17 March, the Year 9 and 10 Specialist (Honours) Mathematics students participated in the MAWA Have Sum Fun Lower School South Competition, held at All Saints College, accompanied by Ms Kovacic and Mr Koulianos. With over 30 teams, one Rossmoyne Senior High School team placed third, achieving a place two years in a row. Competition participants were: Rui Yi Yong (Year 10), Ethan Gibbens (Year 10), Gerard Lim (Year 10), Tin Yan (Angel) Ng (Year 9), Dahyun (Kelly) Nam (Year 9), Elyssa Chan (Year 9), Iris Li (Year 10), Sharon Shaju (Year 10), Inuka Abeysinghe (Year 10), Dylan To (Year 9), Maxwell Xu (Year 9) and Bhargav Chigati (Year 9).




On the same night, the Year 7 and Year 8 Specialist (Honours) Mathematics students participated in the MAWA Have Sum Fun Lower School South Competition, held at Trinity College, accompanied by Ms Diep and Ms Chua. One Rossmoyne Senior High School team placed third, out of 30 competing teams. Competition participants were: Daichi Kozakai (Year 7), Alyssa Mitchell (Year 7), Khush Shah (Year 7), Reeva Khandelwal (Year 8), Annie Chen (Year 8), Jayan Trehan (Year 8), Kai Chai (Year 7), Yixuan Zhang (Year 7), Jamie Tan (Year 7), Abilaash Kugathasan (Year 8), Jude Kariuki (Year 8) and Cyrus Amaria (Year 8).

Congratulations to our outstanding mathematics students!



Australian Mathematics Olympiad Selection Committee Camp

One of our Year 12 students, Isabel Longbottom, has been invited to attend the elite Australian Mathematics Olympiad Camp in April at Macquarie University in Sydney. This two-week camp is only open to the brightest 15 senior secondary students in Australia who have excelled in recent Australian Maths Olympiads. Of these 15 students, six will be selected to represent Australia in the International Mathematics Olympiad which will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in July. If Isabel is selected as one of the six, she will be the first female students selected from Western Australia to attend the International Mathematics Olympiad. Isabel qualified to attend this camp due to winning a silver award in the recent Australian Mathematics Olympiad held last month as well as excelling in the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad held two weeks ago. We all wish Isabel well at this camp during the April school holidays and congratulate her for reaching this stage!

Australian Mathematics Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition will be held in Term 3 on the 27 July, during school. Entry fee of $6.50 must be paid to your child’s maths teacher by the end of Term 1. All students are encouraged to enter this competition as it helps develop student problem solving skills and each student receives a full report on their strengths and weaknesses in mathematics in general. The aim for each student is to improve their performance from the previous year. All results are confidential and every student receives a certificate regardless of their result.

Mathematics Methods Students Fly High

Year 11 Mathematics Methods students, encouraged by their teacher Mrs Murray, spent a creative day and making ‘strawkets’ (straw-powered rockets). The students constructed their ‘strawkets’ and then ventured out around the school to fly the aircraft and collect data on the flight time and height. This data was then used to model the flight path with quadratic equations. This was a fun opportunity to combine hands on learning with mathematics and physics concepts.



Ms Lyn Kovacic
Mathematics Extension Coordinator