Our Story – NAIDOC Week 2020

Our Story – NAIDOC Week 2020

Our Story

Created by Rossmoyne Senior High School Indigenous students in celebration of NAIDOC Week 2020 – Always Was, Always Will Be

This painting and accompanying stories were crafted by Rossmoyne Senior High School Students across two sessions with Katie, who lead the students to connect with culture, art and their educational journeys.

This Indigenous painting, we created was formed to represent the growth in education from pre-primary to the grade we are participating in now. The dots represent the high and lows of learning just like little river waves. Dark blue can reflect disappointment and light blue represents happiness, friends and education. The colour hands, black, red and yellow all complement each other and demonstrates that our mob and community will always support us e.g. Hand on the back for comfort. The Indigenous hands are loyal to the water (dots) just as loyal as we are to our education.

Our painting shows us going through one good direction and the hand symbolises us as one. The feet represent the journey. The colours red, black and yellow represents our flag. The blue represents the Swan River.

This painting is away for me to learn about and reunite with my people, my family and the traditional ways of life.

Our painting shows all of our hands to show us as a group and our journey through education together. Our hands are coloured red, black and yellow to symbolise the colour of the flag.

Our painting is showing a story of our journey throughout school and just life. The hands symbolise us as one mob all together and the feet are directing us in one way. The circles reflect on our past and future. Blue symbolises the Swan River and how our mob has special connection with not just the land itself but with the rivers and seas. This is how our culture teaches and educates the young people in a way that we love and that’s dot painting.

 The painting represents my journey through the years from my childhood to now. The hands represent all the mentors and family members who have helped through the tough times over the years, and who have made me into who I am today.