Careers and Vocational Education

Career and Vocational Education

The Career and Vocational Education Department offers ATAR courses and Vocational Education and Training VET) opportunities for all Year 11 and 12 students at Rossmoyne Senior High School.  Exciting educational opportunities are available both within the school and through external campuses and providers.

Pathways to University, TAFE and Employment

Career and Enterprise (ATAR) course

The majority of Career and Vocational Education students are University bound and are completing the Career and Enterprise (ATAR) course.

Rossmoyne Senior High School students consistently place first or second in the State for this ATAR course.

Career and Enterprise General

Most students completing this course are enrolled in the VET Program, however the subject is available for selection by all Year 11 and 12 students. This program enables students to complete certificates across a variety of industry areas and campuses. Many of these General students will be have the option of bridging to University without completing an ATAR as they are completing TAFE certificates ranging from Certificate II to Diplomas.

A Certificate IV has an ATAR equivalent of 70 and a Diploma an ATAR equivalent of 80+.

Many universities now accept Certificate IV and Diplomas as a legitimate way of entering university and many students are taking advantage of this pathway. It is advised that entry requirements are confirmed by the preferred university.

Certificate Courses

Certificate II Community Services and Certificate II Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways are taught on the school campus by staff at Rossmoyne Senior High School.

Career and Enterprise (ATAR)

Career and Enterprise sees students explore the world of work. Through an examination of economic, political and social influences upon the workforce, students come to understand the opportunities and challenges that await them after graduation. The course explores current and predicted trends in the workforce and provides opportunities for students to establish and consolidate work readiness skills in the areas of

  • Job seeking
  • Resume writing
  • Application writing and addressing Selection Criteria
  • Interview experience
  • Employability skills

Students deepen their self-understanding and explore potential career opportunities and post school options.

52% of ATAR pathway students, studying Career and Enterprise (ATAR) in 2016, used the course score as their highest or second highest course score.

In 2011, Career and Enterprise (ATAR) was introduced in WA schools and every year since Rossmoyne Senior High School has had the top or second highest scoring student.

Career and Enterprise (General)

The Career and Enterprise General course involves recognising and developing individual skills and talents in preparation for the workforce.

Students will:

  • identify personality types and their link to career choices;
  • explore careers and job seeking tools;
  • create a resume and e-portfolio;
  • participate in mock and panel interviews;
  • identify the core skills for work; and
  • explore entrepreneurial behaviours.

School Based Certificates offered

The department offers two certificates to Year 11 and 12 students which have the major advantage of being completed in one year. This allows students to meet the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirement of completing a Certificate II or ATAR 55 minimum. By completing a Certificate II in Year 11 students can focus on their Year 12 studies knowing they have met the WACE requirements.

The two certificates on offer are:

  • Certificate II Community Services: This qualification may be used as a pathway for workforce entry as community and health services workers. It will provide students with basic communication skills, experience with diverse peoples and time management skills.
  • Certificate II Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways: this qualification will provides students with employment skills recognised by industry and may be used to access further training.

Vocational Education and Training Three-day Program

The Vocational Education and Training Three-day Program is also proving popular and students involved are achieving amazing outcomes. Currently over 80 students in Years 11 and 12 are completing TAFE certificates at a range of campuses across Perth, ranging from Certificate II to Diplomas, in Business and Aeronautics. Most students attend school three days per week and two days at TAFE and/or in the workplace. These students will receive a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) in addition to their TAFE certificate and/or Workplace Learning experience. University entry is an option for many of these students. This program offers a huge number of opportunities to students with many starting apprenticeships and traineeships while at school.

Since the commencement of the VET program in 2010, Rossmoyne Senior High School students have won a number of prestigious awards at both State and National levels, including one student winning the Prime Minister’s Award.

In 2017, 27 Year 12 students are completing a Certificate IV and possibly a Diploma.

Workplace Learning (ADWPL)

Students participating in the VET program are required to complete Workplace Learning. This is a SCSA endorsed program that provides students up to 4 unit equivalents towards their WACE/WASSA. This highly successful program allows students to experience an extensive number of workplaces that are carefully selected by staff after consultation with students. This experience is invaluable and many past students have gone on to gain employment or apprenticeships as a result of the networks they made and skills they developed in the ‘real world’.

To complete the Workplace Learning endorsed program, students must be enrolled in Career and Enterprise.



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