Information and Resource Hub (Library)

School Library is now the Hub

The Hub is open from 8.00am to 4.00 pm during term.

The role of the School Library has changed from a place where students come to find information in books and read quietly to an innovative flexible space where students can come to meet, collaborate, learn and flourish using 21st Century innovations and technologies.

The new Information and Resource Hub aims to be not only a new space, but also to be an open, friendly and safe environment that supports the teaching and learning programmes of the whole school. We offer flexible learning spaces, traditional class facilities, private study areas, quiet reading zones and inspiring collaboration areas. These spaces are designed to enhance the critical thinking, communication, literacy and research skills of our students.

Resources and facilities

The Hub also offers a wide range of physical and electronic resources to support student learning and staff teaching. We have an extensive fiction collection, an up-to-date non-fiction area and several online databases, including EBSCO, ClickView and Britannica, all of which are linked to the Australian Curriculum. Students can also borrow laptops and chargers for lessons as well various stimulating games at break times.


In 2018 we will be slowly building an exciting Makerspace to give students the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills within an authentic context. This area will be equipped with STEAM related tools to encourage inquiry and project-based learning to ensure our students are future ready.

University Talks

The Hub organises University speaker-led talks every two weeks (Wednesdays) after school. University lecturers are invited to present on their careers and courses to engage and enlighten our students on possible future careers. These have been very well received in 2017 as students had a great opportunity to hear from and question some of the leading minds in Western Australia.

Teacher/Librarian and the Reading Program

The role of the Teacher/Librarian is to assist staff and teach students to integrate information and communication technologies into their teaching and learning environments. The enjoyment of reading as a life long habit is a major focus of the library staff. The Teacher/Librarian runs a traditional reading programme for Years 7 and 8 in collaboration with the English Department as the emphasis is still on school literacy. The Teacher/Librarian provides a comprehensive orientation programme for all Year 7s in Term 1 and facilitates and supervises the learning experiences of our private study students.

Engaging and Learning

The Library Officers create an engaging learning space that is safe and friendly for all students ensuring that your child feels connected and cared for. They have developed an understanding of the interests and needs of students and are highly influential in assisting and guiding them throughout their high school experience.

There are many other projects in development to transform The Hub into an innovative flexible working space where students can learn, collaborate, communicate and we hope your child will find the changes as exciting as we do.

Transperth SmartRider

Transperth SmartRider cards are used to access public transport and to borrow library resources. SmartRiders are issued through the Hub. Lost cards will be replaced at a fee within five to seven working days.

Library staff aspire to excel in their school and show respect for themselves, others and the earth.


Last updated: November 2017