Cadets WA: Rossmoyne Bush Rangers

Bushrangers is a form of Cadet Unit that was first developed by Cadets WA and The Department of Communities in 1998. Rossmoyne was one of the first schools to form a Bushrangers unit in WA and has maintained operation of the unit ever since.  The host organisation of Bushrangers is The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) who guide and support Bushrangers units in WA.

The Bushrangers program aims to:

  • Foster citizenship and sense of pride for local communities and environments;
  • Develop conservation skills and awareness and educate students on theories of environmental conservation; and
  • Support personal development through teamwork and leadership, confidence building and problem solving, fun and adventure.

The program is open and available to any current student at Rossmoyne SHS with at no cost to families as all funding for the unit is supplied by the Department of Communities.

Bushrangers meets every Thursday after school for 2 hours during which time students work on self-guided community and conservation-based projects and/or participate in incursions.

Students who are members of the Bushrangers unit also partake in three or four camps every year to varying locations in Western Australia as part of the program. There is no cost to students/families for these camps either.

The program is endorsed by the School Curriculums and Standards Authority (SCSA). Bushrangers who meet the outcomes and requirements during years 10, 11 and 12 can elect to receive credit points towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

For further details or to sign up, please contact Mr McRedmond at the Health and Phys Ed office.