Cadets WA: Rossmoyne Bush Rangers

The Cadet program, Bush Rangers, started in 1998 and Rossmoyne was one of the first schools to introduce it.  the host organisation is the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

The Bush Ranger program is based upon:

  • developing citizenship and a sense of worth linked to community service;
  • practical conservation skills and the understanding of the theory of conservation; and
  • personal development;  team work, leadership, fun, adventure.

The program is open to any high school student and currently our unit includes students who attend other local schools.  It meets weekly after school on Thursdays for two hours.

The conservation project chosen by the Unit is the restoration of the creek behind our school.

There are regular excursions as well as three or four major camps each year involving a combination of conservation work, community service and adventure training.

The program is endorsed by the Schools’ Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA).  Bush Rangers who meet the outcomes and requirements during Years 10, 11 and 12 are credited with this information on their West Australia Certificate of Education (WACE).

The Unit welcomes parents and community members interested in leading, instructing and supporting the program.