Rossmoyne Senior High School has a long-standing tradition of successful participation in debating, taking part in annual seasonal competitions between local district schools. The interschool district debating competition is open to all students, whether seasoned debaters or keen novices, and all participants are encouraged to do their personal best.

Debating provides an exciting and challenging environment in which students develop and demonstrate their public speaking skills. It also encourages students to respond to social issues, and to become team players, with a strong emphasis on participation and group effort.

The students who represent Rossmoyne in debating develop a strong sense of being part of the school community and take pride in acting as ambassadors for their peers. Students develop their skills in areas such as time management, research techniques and the ability to correctly structure a thesis. These skills prepare debating students for work in their other subjects and life beyond their secondary school careers.

The topics and ideas covered in the interschool debates are often based on current world events, and encourage students to think deeply on these topics.

The interschool debating competition commences early in Term 2, and concludes in Term 4.