Student Leadership Program

Student Leadership Program

The ever increasing pace of global progress provides both challenges and opportunities for our future graduates. In this increasingly changing world having developed leadership skills is a transferable skill which will better enable our students to become ‘future ready citizens’.

However, leadership is more than a badge. As such our vision for Rossmoyne Senior High School student leaders is to provide opportunities to develop:

  • As articulate and caring young people;
  • Who have a culture of innovation;
  • Are empowered in carrying out initiatives; and
  • Have the developed time and self-management capabilities to implement these and their goals.

To support this aim Rossmoyne Senior High School has implemented a tailored leadership program across Years 7 – 12 which incorporates:

  • Internationally accredited public speaking program;
  • Leadership Modules;
  • Conflict resolution training;
  • Leadership readings;
  • Guest Speakers; and
  • Excursions, camps and other opportunities

Throughout this process our students will understand leadership by doing leadership through practical projects and other opportunities.  We provide our future leaders with the guidance, autonomy and trust to empower their development.

The intellectual framework for much of this rests upon the Social Change Model of leadership development. This is a best practice model used by Rotary Youth, Curtin University Leadership Centre, and many other universities both in Australia and around the world.