Mock Trials

Mock Trials

Rossmoyne Senior High School is an active and proud Mock Trial competitor.

A mock trial is a simulated court case in which teams contest a fictitious WA legal matter presented in the West Australian court system. The cases are presented by two teams – a prosecution/plaintiff team and a defence team – made up of students playing the roles of barristers, solicitors, witnesses and court officials.

The Inter-School Mock Trial Competition provides an enjoyable, dynamic way of introducing students to the law. In this extra-curricular activity, the students are coached outside of school hours by a practising barrister (lawyer), argue in a real courtroom and are heard by another legal professional. In so doing, students gain a valuable insight into the Australian legal system, develop their research skills and perfect their skills of persuasive argument within a team environment.

Students prepare and argue for the mock trials outside of school hours, however, this extra commitment is rewarded with a Year 12 ‘C’ grade for purposes of graduation.

Positions for this Semester 1 program always fill fast, so for interested students in Years 10-12 see the Mock Trials Coordinator in Humanities and Social Sciences for further details. To read more about this competition, please head to