Academic Extension Program


Rossmoyne Senior High School has for many years operated highly successful extension programs and activities to cater for students who exhibit outstanding aptitude and talent in different learning areas.

The purpose of our extension programs is to challenge and inspire.

Extension programs cater for the intellectual and affective needs of gifted students. The programs seek to further develop a student’s skills and abilities by fostering an environment which provides challenge and where students can work with peers who share similar interests, aspirations and abilities.

Gifted students can access extension programs in a variety of ways, including:

  • The Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Languages program at Rossmoyne Senior High School (information and applications for enrolment are available through the Department of Education’s website);
  • The Department of Education’s Approved Specialist Programs at Rossmoyne Senior High School in Mathematics Honours, Classical Music, or Volleyball (information can be found on our school website);
  • A variety of Year 8-10 electives that extend the curriculum, engage and challenge students;
  • A variety of state and national competitions that provide a healthy competitive environment that motivates students to excel;
  • The school’s Bushrangers Western Australia and Youth Leaders programs provide opportunities for students to engage in unique programs focusing on environmental studies and leadership development; and
  • Placement into Year 8-10 extension courses according to their subject ability or achievement in English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Science.

Year 7 Extension Program

The school believes it is important that Year 7 students are given time to settle and adjust to their new secondary school environment. With Year 7 being a transitionary year, students are given every opportunity to build positive new relationships with peers and teachers. Where possible, Year 7 students remain in their enrolled courses through Semester 1 to help build these important relationships. At the commencement of Semester 2, Mathematics students will be placed into extension courses based on their Semester 1 results. Gifted students will be invited to participate in exciting new extension courses for Semester 2 in English, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science.

The Year 7 Extension courses in English, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science:

  • are of 5-week duration designed to engage, challenge and stretch inquiring minds
  • will nurture a range of important skills and attributes, such as creativity, collaboration, communication, innovation, enterprise, problem solving and critical thinking;
  • will require a time commitment of one-hour before school (every effort will be made to avoid clashes with other school after-hour commitments); and
  • will only be offered to students who demonstrate superior ability in their Semester 1 courses in English, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science. (If a Year 7 student is not offered a placement, or does not take up the offer, it will not prevent the student from being offered a placement into the Year 8 extension program the following year).