Academic Extension Program

Rossmoyne Senior High School has for many years operated a highly successful Academic Extension program to cater for students who exhibit outstanding aptitude and talent in different learning areas.

The purpose of the Rossmoyne Academic Extension program is to further develop the skills and abilities of our talented students by providing an environment that provides challenge and where students can work with peers who share similar interests, aspirations and abilities.

They include enrichment and extension activities, with enrichment referring to the broadening of the curriculum to develop knowledge, application, thinking skills and attitudes to a degree of complexity appropriate to the students’ developmental level, and extension involving the deepening of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.

Currently, over 250 students are involved in the school’s extension programs.

Extension classes are provided for Year 8, 9 and 10 students in;

  • Humanities (English; and Humanities and Social Sciences),
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • and Computing.

In addition, the Department of Education approved specialist programs in Volleyball and Classical Music also cater for students with the ability and aspirations for special development in music and sport.

Students earn the right of entry into extension classes by demonstrating superior ability in their current courses of study.  Applications for places in the programs are through expressions of interest in the first instance. Year 8 selection processes for Mathematics and Computing occurs while students are in Year 7, while the other areas conduct selection processes toward the end of Term 1 in Year 8, allowing time for students to settle into the high school environment. Students involved in the program are grouped with others of like abilities.

While the core curriculum is covered, extension programs engage in a variety of stimulating activities, have sufficient flexibilities to respond to student needs, and tend to incorporate partnerships and links with outside agencies (e.g. tertiary institutions). Students are encouraged to actively engage in prestigious external competitions, for example, the Year 10 Humanities and Social Sciences extension program participates in the Petroleum Club competition each year with noteworthy success.