Approved Specialist Classical Music Program


Specialist Classical Music Program

Year 6 students residing outside the Rossmoyne Senior High School boundary who have a passion for and special ability in classical music, are invited to apply for entry to the school’s Classical Music Program.

The music program at Rossmoyne is progressive, rigorous and widely recognised for excellence.  A talented team of music specialists led by the Director of Music includes school-based teachers, as well as instrumental teachers and directors of ensembles from the School of Instrumental Music.  Students enjoy the benefits of learning in a contemporary performing arts centre which is especially suited to instrumental music.  The development of a strong classical music focus at Rossmoyne is compatible with the aspirations of the students and parent community.

Students in the Specialist Classical Music Program study and perform alongside musically talented peers.  In combination, with the larger group of Classical Music students, they enhance the depth of excellence of the school’s program.

Classical Music students at Rossmoyne study a compulsory course that includes class music as well as choral, ensemble and orchestra.  Ensembles are provided for students of all abilities from the very highest levels of making music in schools. Music students are required to attend rehearsals before and after school, and they are also required to attend evening and weekend performances and camps.

As a condition of continued enrolment at Rossmoyne Senior High School, the school requires students to achieve to a set standard in their specialisation and in other studies for the four years they are in the program.

Application Procedure

Rossmoyne Senior High School has a long tradition of excellence in all areas of the curriculum and the School’s Music curriculum, is highly regarded.

For commencement in 2024, the application and selection process will open in late February 2023.

  1. Applications must be submitted online and received by the due date (usually at the end of March).
  2. Applicants will be short listed based on an audition video and notified (usually by the end of May).
  3. Selected applicants will be invited to attend a Music Aptitude Test (usually in late May).
  4. Applicants who reach the threshold score will be invited to attend an interview and audition (usually in Week 2 of the July School Holidays).
  5. All applicants will be notified of their outcome in writing during August.

Audition Video Criteria 

Please have your child introduce themselves and the piece of music they will be performing.

The maximum length of the recording is 3 minutes. It must be audio and video combined. The video does not need to be professionally produced, a video filmed on your mobile phone is certainly acceptable.

  • The student performer must be “in shot” at all times to ensure the credibility of the performance.
  • The recording should be one piece of music played on one instrument for a maximum of three minutes.
  • The style of music performed for the audition video can be broad (classical, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre).
  • Auditions on drum kit alone will not be considered.
  • Solo or accompanied singing will be considered providing the singer is in the shot for the entire performance.

The standard of the piece performed should match the current standard of the child’s musical instruction as at the time of application. Play a piece of music that can be played confidently and well. Playing from memory is encouraged but not obligatory.

The video should be uploaded via the link in the application form. Please ensure you name the file with your student’s name.

Note: This video will remain confidential and will only be viewed by the panel consisting of Music Department staff at Rossmoyne Senior High School for the purpose of the online audition process. On completion of the application process all video content will be destroyed. 

Please keep the size of your video file to less than 200 GB. If your video file size is too large, it can be reduced using an online application. Search online for ‘video compressor’ for several options.

Students may continue on their current instrument or be offered the opportunity to learn one of the following orchestral instruments.  When completing your application form, please indicate four (4) instruments that you would be interested in learning.

  • Bassoon
  • Double bass
  • Euphonium
  • French Horn
  • Oboe
  • Saxophone
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Viola

Successful applicants will be required to participate fully in the program including after hours activities such as rehearsals, camps and competitions.

Applicants are requested to include copies of their Semester 2 school report, a passport size photo and details of any musical awards (maximum 2).

In order to cover the cost of testing/trialling materials as well as administrative and staffing costs, a $20.00 (non-refundable) fee is charged for all applications for our Classical Music Program.

Specialist Classical Music Application:

Applications for 2024 entry into the Specialist Classical Music Program are due to open in late February 2023, and will remain open until late March.

We thank you for considering Rossmoyne Senior High School as a school of choice for your child.

For any further enquiries, please email
or telephone the Rossmoyne Enrolment Officer on 9235 1621