Approved Specialist Mathematics


Specialist Mathematics Program


Rossmoyne Senior High School offers a highly successful and proven program in mathematics education. The Approved Specialist Program (Mathematics Honours), known as the Fermat Club, comprises approximately 25 students from each of the year groups Year 7 – Year 10. Our vision is to cultivate in our students an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics beyond the high school curriculum. We aim to develop a deep understanding of the connections that mathematics has to so many aspects of our modern world as well as an awareness of the history and progression of mathematics throughout civilisation. Our Fermat Club alumni are exceptional mathematicians. They possess a high level of proficiency in mathematical problem solving, the ability to approach authentic challenges using both logic and creativity, and the mathematical fluency and flexibility to equip them for success in their future careers.

Key Aspects

  • Students receive expert mathematical instruction at an accelerated pace, up to one year in advance of the regular curriculum.
  • The emphasis is on developing students’ passion and talent for mathematics beyond the required content knowledge. Students are encouraged to explore and investigate all facets of mathematics.
  • Students are provided with many opportunities for mathematical enrichment, including competitions, local and international excursions and regular Fermat Club events.
  • Specialist teachers are experienced mathematicians with in depth knowledge of mathematical applications in wider contexts. All Mathematics Honours teachers are specifically trained to work with mathematically gifted students.
  • The students stay with their Mathematics Honours teacher for their 4 years in the program. This allows the development of strong, positive relationships between the teacher and students to facilitate the very best personalised instruction for every student.
  • The Mathematics Honours students are also automatically admitted to the Science Honours course. Students stay together throughout their Year 7 – 10 Science education, as per Mathematics.
  • Students receive mentoring and support both from within the school and the wider community. Rossmoyne Senior High School has forged collaborative partnerships with tertiary institutions such as Curtin University and the University of Cambridge.

Expectations of Honours Students

Fermat Club members are the embodiment of Rossmoyne’s iCARE values in everything they do, both within the Honours Program and beyond. They are role models of academic excellence and integrity. As such, Fermat Club members participate enthusiastically in all opportunities afforded them, such as competitions and extra-curricular activities. They are proud to represent their school and showcase Rossmoyne’s reputation for outstanding achievement in mathematics. Given that students are simultaneously admitted into the Science Honours Program, a passion and excellent achievement in Science is highly desirable.

Course Outline

Below is an outline of the curriculum covered in the Mathematics Honours Program. Details about competitions can be found under the Competitions heading.

Year 7

  • Study of the Year 7 and 8 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics
  • Entry to WAJO, APSMO and AMC
  • Selective entry to HSF

Year 8

  • Study of the Year 8 and 9 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics
  • Entry to WAJO, APSMO and AMC
  • Selective entry to HSF and AIMO

Year 9

  • Study of the Year 9 and 10 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics
  • Entry to WAJO and AMC
  • Selective entry to HSF and AIMO

Year 10

  • Study of ATAR Maths Methods Unit 1 in Semester 1
  • Study of ATAR Maths Specialist Unit 1 in Semester 2
  • Entry to AMC
  • Selective entry to HSF and AMOC


All Mathematics Honours students participate in the following competitions:

  • Australian Maths Competition (AMC)
  • Australian Problem Solving Olympiad (APSMO) – Years 7 and 8
  • WA Junior Olympiad (WAJO) – Years 7 to 9

In addition, the most outstanding students may be invited to represent Rossmoyne in the following contests:

  • International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IM2C)
  • Have Sum Fun interschools challenge (HSF)
  • Maths Talent Quest (MTQ)
  • Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) – Years 8 and 9
  • Australian Senior Contest Mathematics Olympiad (AMOC) – Year 10
  • Maths in Motion World Challenge

Fermat Club Gatherings

Once a term, the Fermat Club gets together outside of school hours for team building and collaborative problem solving activities. The purpose of these gatherings is to have fun! We like to give our Honours students the opportunity to explore intriguing aspects of maths, technology and innovation outside the pressures of daily classroom requirements. Fermat Club gatherings allow students to mingle and work together across year groups in a relaxed atmosphere, building collegiality within the club. It also allows Mathematics and Science Honours teachers to interact with their students in a more casual environment.

International Tour

Every 2 years, Fermat Club students are invited to embark on an adventure of mathematical exploration and enrichment by way of the Mathematics Honours International Tour. In 2018, students visited the USA and took part in a number of STEM activities, including a 3-day space camp. (Camps are subject to Covid Restrictions). Some testimonies from the students:

“I really enjoyed the Nasa Robotics camp because we learnt computer programming and saw how it could be applied in an authentic context.” – Anu (Year 10)

“The Honours Tour is a great experience for you to experience life in the STEM field, make lifelong friends and gain responsibility.” – Abilaash (Year 10)

Application Procedure

Applications are welcomed from all students regardless of residential address.

Students applying for the Mathematics Honours Program are required to demonstrate exceptional ability and passion for the study of mathematics.

For commencement in 2024, the application and selection process will open in late February 2023.

  1. Applications must be submitted online and received by the due date (usually at the end of March).
  2. Mathematics written test for Year 6 registered candidates only, to be held in early-mid May at Rossmoyne Senior High School.
  3. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview in early June.
  4. A referee report will be requested from selected applicants’ Year  6 Teacher.
  5. All applicants will be notified of their outcome in writing during July.

Specialist Mathematics Application:

Applications for 2024 entry into the Mathematics Honours Program are due to open in late February 2023, and will remain open until late March.

We thank you for considering Rossmoyne Senior High School as a school of choice for your child.

For any further enquiries, please email
or telephone the Rossmoyne Enrolment Officer on 9235 1621