Approved Specialist Mathematics


Specialist Mathematics Program

Rossmoyne Senior High school offer a highly successful and proven program in Mathematics education.  The Specialist program commenced in 2012 and now has four classes in Years 7 to 10. The aims of the program are to develop an appreciation and understanding of mathematics in the world we live in today, and to develop high level problem solving skills so as to develop exceptional mathematicians and future problem solvers for a world filled with challenges.

Applications for students who are Year 7 in 2020 have now closed. Applications for entry in 2021 will be available in Term 1, 2020.

Key aspects of the program

  • Receive expert mathematical instruction at an accelerated level. Specialist teachers are expert, experienced and trained specifically to work with mathematically gifted students.
  • Mentor support from within the school and the wider community from Australia and internationally. Students have the opportunity to experience Mathematics enrichment at the prestigious University Cambridge on our biannual European Maths Tour.

Specialist program course outline

Year 7: Introduction to the World of mathematics.

  • Study of the Year 7 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics.
  • Introduction to high level algebraic skills.
  • Completion of the Dirichlet Enrichment course from the Australian Mathematics Trust.
  • Entry to the Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad.

Year 8: Foundations of mathematics

  • Study of the Year 9 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics.
  • Focus on number theory, proofs, problem solving and logical reasoning.
  • Completion of the Euler Enrichment course from the Australian Mathematics Trust.
  • Entry into Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad

Year 9: Mathematics in the real world

  • Study of applications of mathematics in science and technology.
  • Study of the Year 10 Advanced Australian Curriculum for Mathematics
  • Completion of the Gauss Enrichment course from the Australian Mathematics Trust.
  • Entry to the Australian Senior Contest Mathematics Olympiad.

Year 10: Preparation for upper school mathematics

  • Completion of WACE Methods Mathematics units 1 and 2 (accreditation)
  • Completion of the Noether Enrichment course from the Australian Mathematics Trust.
  • Participation in the European Maths Tour visiting the University of Cambridge, International Space station in Belgium and the Hadron Collider CERN in Switzerland.

Year 6 students from within and outside the Rossmoyne Senior High School boundary, with a passion for and special ability in mathematics, are invited to apply for entry to the Specialist Mathematics Program, commencing with their studies in Year 7, 2020.

Specialist Mathematics students will also be grouped together for Science.

They will have the opportunity to join extension programs for English and Humanities and Social Sciences.

As a condition of continued enrolment at Rossmoyne Senior High School, the school requires students to achieve a set standard in their specialisation and in other studies for the four years they are in the program.

Application Procedure

Thank you for your interest in this Program. Applications for entry in 2020 have closed.

Rossmoyne Senior High School has a long tradition of excellence in all areas of the curriculum and the School’s Mathematics curriculum, in particular, is highly regarded.

Students selected for the Honours Mathematics program need to demonstrate special ability and a passionate interest in mathematics.


The following selection process will apply:

  1. Applications must be submitted on line and received by 12 noon Friday 12 April 2019.
  2. Mathematics written test for Year 6 registered candidates only, to be held from 4.15pm-5.30pm, Thursday 13 June 2019 at Rossmoyne Senior High School.
  3. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview between 29 July to 2 August  2019.
  4. A referee report will be requested from selected applicants’ Year  5 Teacher.
  5. All applicants will be notified in writing during August 2019.

Applicants are requested to include copies of their Semester 2, 2018 school report, their Year 5 NAPLAN results, a passport size photo and details of any recent mathematical awards (maximum 2).

In order to cover the cost of testing/trialling materials as well as administrative and staffing costs a $20.00 (non-refundable) fee is charged for all applications for our Specialist Mathematics Program.

We thank you for considering Rossmoyne Senior High School as a school of choice for your child.

For any further enquiries, please email
or telephone the Rossmoyne Enrolment Officer on 9259 2215



An Honours Program Mathematics Highlight

Mathematics Honours Inaugural European Tour

In 2014, 43 students from the Year 9 and Year 10 Mathematics Honours classes embarked on a two-week odyssey to London, France and Belgium, for some deep mathematics and science enrichment. The students attended lectures and workshops in mathematics problem solving and applications in physics and science at the prestigious University of Cambridge and the European Space Centre in Belgium. They visited the great mathematics and science museums of London and Paris and even visited sites of cultural significance such as Ypres and Flanders to complement their studies of humanities and social sciences. The tour was a success.

A second successful European Tour took place in 2016.

Mr David Tan

Head of Mathematics


A video of the tour can be accessed by logging onto Moodle: European Mathematics Tour Video

The Students’ View:


At Cambridge University, we were privileged to attend lectures by leading professors. For example, Professor Goldstein demonstrated a series of scientific studies that showed eukaryotic flagella, when in close proximity with each other, tend to synchronise in-phase or out of phase with each other, due to fluid dynamics.

Hazeem Adly


Our first destination in the Europe Honours trip was Cambridge where engaging lectures were held and fascinating experiments were conducted. We were accommodated at Claire College, with each pair of students given a luxurious dorm to themselves. The historic and elegant buildings around the college complemented the picturesque scenery where we were walking distance from markets that sold fresh produce.

Nick Goh

European Space Center

The European Space Center, was no doubt, a dream come true for many and the highlight of the entire tour.  Firstly, we were given a short talk about the rules within the center, put into our teams and then the training began!  The multi-axis chair, rotating chair, microgravity simulator and the moonwalk were designed to test our physical capabilities while a series of stimulating lectures, and designing and building our own rocket were designed to test us mentally. The final test was a space mission simulation, where we were required to launch a rocket, then deploy a shuttle into orbit and land safely again. Astonishingly, we were able to complete this monstrous two-hour task, despite problems such as: failing systems and oxygen leaks.  In a nutshell, the European Space Center was a gruelling, but fun, experience which challenged and stretched mathematical and scientific knowledge with a laser-like focus.  It definitely changed our lives.

Venkat Krishnamoorthy


The last two days of our trip were spent in Paris. We arrived at our hotel late in the afternoon of the first day, having just enough time to unpack and eat a quick dinner before heading off to the nearest Metro station to catch the train for the Eiffel Tower. The views from the top were amazing, and we were all reluctant to leave. The next morning we got up bright and early to spend a few hours at the Louvre (the paintings were amazing, and we even got to see the Mona Lisa) before visiting Disneyland in the afternoon.

Isabel Longbottom
2017 WACE Beasley Medal Winner 


In the early morning, as we departed for Sir Isaac Newton’s bridge we cast a last glance at the prestigious Clare College. Photos were snapped rapidly, trying to capture every part of the bridge from every single angle. We left Cambridge and three hours later we arrived at London.

Excitement rose as the well-known London Tower came into view as exclamations filled the air, signalling the start of another exhilarating adventure. Just as we got near we had to stow away our luggage at the hotel and followed Mr White to the famous National History Museum. From outside we could tell that this was going to be really interesting as the building itself looked intriguing. As soon as we entered the museum hundreds of other tourists flooded in. There were different exhibits all around the building including dinosaurs, insects, birds and many more. We got to see a humongous skeleton of one of the longest dinosaurs that ever walked on Earth. We had a great time as we explored different evolutions of beings from dinosaurs to us, humans. It is a day worth remembering.

Allyson and Jack Wong


Travelling through the Eurotunnel le Shuttle is an underground channel from England to France. It was amazing to see how a bus can fit inside the shuttle and transport us to France. Once the 40-minute journey was over, we travelled by bus for several hours to Ypres (Belgium). When we reached Salient School Hotel, we walked up six flights of stairs to our dormitories and got our beds ready. We then were greeted by the famous Belgium chocolate store.  After flooding the chocolate store, we went to In Flanders Field Museum, where we were given poppy bracelets. These bracelets were inserted with a microchip, which activates a personal story of four individuals in the Great War. We attended the Last Post ceremony, which is held every day. All the walls were covered with names of soldiers who fought. Our one day in Ypres, was an incredible day.

Phoebe Chan and Trisha Gopal