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About the Gifted and Talented Languages program

Rossmoyne Senior High School’s Gifted and Talented Languages program provides students with the unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant, challenging and prestigious learning environment. What could be more rewarding than being in a class where students are challenged and inspired not only by their teachers but also by their equally gifted and talented specially selected classmates?  Rossmoyne Gifted and Talented students consistently give this as one of the main reasons they love being in the program.

The opportunity to study a foreign language of their choice, to engage in outstanding special interest programs, and to interact with a great cross-section of students are among the other reasons Gifted and Talented students thoroughly enjoy the Rossmoyne experience.

Rossmoyne has an enviable academic history. Current and past Gifted and Talented students have been award and scholarship winners in state, national and international competitions and exams. Many of these students have also been brilliant in the performing, visual and creative arts as well as on the sporting field. At Rossmoyne, students enjoy special opportunities to excel.

Gifted and Talented students are grouped together for their individual choice of language studies in Chinese (Mandarin), French, German or Japanese, where they are following an accelerated program. They will also have the opportunity to join extension programs for Mathematics and Science if space is available, and their ability (based on assessment data) is similar with other students in the extension programs. In addition to studies in these Learning Areas, when students have already enrolled at Rossmoyne they may apply for selection into the school’s programs in Classical Music and Volleyball. Several components of these programs are scheduled before or after school, allowing students to take full advantage of the broad curriculum on offer at Rossmoyne.

For the remainder of their program Gifted and Talented students pursue studies in Physical and Health Education and various elective areas (Art, Computing, Dance, Design and Technology, Drama, Environmental Education, Home Economics and Music) where they work with the broader Year 7 student body.

The Rossmoyne experience supports a learning environment which nurtures high aspirations, excellence in all endeavours, and a healthy respect for oneself, others and the environment.


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What our students say

“The program at Rossmoyne Senior High School challenges my academic ability.  Benefits include learning at a higher level and taking part in cross-curricular challenges such as the National History Challenge, the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Australian Statistics Competition.  I recommend the program if you feel strongly about receiving a good education.”

“I applied for the program at Rossmoyne Senior High School because I wanted to extend myself to reach my full potential.  The program provides me with more opportunities to shine, including competitions such as the Alliance Française Competitions where I can practice my French speaking skills.”

Applications and selection

Application and selection processes are managed centrally by the Department of Education, Gifted and Talented Selection Unit.  Gifted and Talented programs are offered at 24 select public secondary schools with an online program available to WA country students.  Programs include mathematics, science, humanities, languages, dance, drama, music, music theatre and visual arts.  The Gifted and Talented program at Rossmoyne Senior High School is the Selective Language Program in Years 7 to 10.

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