Student Clubs and Groups

Students have the opportunity to join in with a wide range of clubs and groups at Rossmoyne.

More details of all of the opportunities listed below are available to students and parents on SEQTA.





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Every day 8am – 4pm The Hub

Access for Hub Services, private study & use of games and puzzles.

Every day 8am – 4pm The Prayer Room    

Ask our friendly Student Central team for the key.

Student Central SEQTA
Every day (except Friday) 3.15 – 4pm Rosstainable 

Service program to maintain & improve recycling throughout the school.

Mr Rafei SEQTA
Mondays Break 1 Rubik’s Cube Club

Join our friendly group who enjoy solving those twisty puzzles.

Mondays 3.15 – 4pm Robotics   Club

Join our group to explore the world of LEGO® robotics.

Mondays 3.30 – 4.30pm Gavel Club   – Mon. & Wed.

Join us for lots of public speaking practise in a fun and supportive environment.

Ms Pracas SEQTA
Tuesdays 8 – 8.45am Chinese Tutoring Ms Walsh SEQTA
Tuesdays Break 1 Direct Action Group

Supporting Community based projects and initiatives.

Ms Pracas SEQTA
Tuesdays Break 1 Chess Club

Come join us for friendly competitions and all things chess.

Mr Riley SEQTA
Wednesdays Break 1 Rubik’s Cube Club

Join our friendly group who enjoy solving those twisty puzzles.

Wednesdays Break 2 Diversity Alliance

Supporting all members of the school community, regardless of ethnicity, sexual or gender orientation, religion or disability.

Mrs Brayshaw SEQTA
Wednesdays Break 2 Jiu Jitsu Club

Learn this Brazilian based martial art.

Mr Coker SEQTA
Wednesdays 3.15 – 4.30pm Maths Tutoring Mr Tan SEQTA
Wednesdays 3.15 – 4.30pm Radio Rossi 

Learn about all things radio, music, and public address systems.

Mr Wright SEQTA
Thursdays 8– 8.45am Drama Club for years 7 – 9

Work together to improve performance techniques, work towards an AMEB certificate.

Ms Ridgwell SEQTA
Thursdays Break 1 Photography

Explore cameras, exhibitions & have the opportunity to be creative with your peers.

Ms Klifunis SEQTA
Thursdays Break 1 Interact

Creating fun and meaningful service projects for the community.

Mr Wright SEQTA
Thursdays Break 1 Lego Club

 For year 7 and 8 students who love to create and build Lego projects.

Ms Bache SEQTA
Thursdays Break 1 Unite 

Christian based Community Group.

Mr Bestwick SEQTA
Thursdays Break 1 Year 7 Japanese Tutoring Ms Manyiel SEQTA
Thursdays 3.15 – 5pm Bush Rangers   

Environmental & conservation group with a connection to culture & community.

Mr McRedmond SEQTA
Thursdays 3.15 – French Tutoring Mrs Young SEQTA
Fridays 8.00 – 8.45am Breakfast Club  

Come and have a free breakfast and socialise before school .

Mr Coker SEQTA
Fridays  Break 1 Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Mr Coker SEQTA