Student Clubs and Groups

Students have the opportunity to join in with a wide range of clubs and groups at Rossmoyne.

More details of all of the opportunities listed below are available to students and parents on SEQTA.





Prayer Room Every day Breaks 1 and 2 All
HUB study and games (Big chess, Scrabble, Connect 4 etc.) Every day Before & after school All
Swim Fit  Fri 7.50 – 8.30am All
German tutoring Mon, Tues Period 0 Year 12 students
Japanese (extension and background) Mon Before & after school  Year 10
Computer Club Mon 3.15-5:00 pm All
Drama (end of year production) Mon 3:20 – 4:30 pm  Years 7 and 8
Public Speaking  Mon 3.20-4.20 pm All
Rubik’s Cube Club Mon Break 2 All
Specialist Trials Year 7 Volleyball Tues, Fri Before & after school All Year 7 students are welcome to try out
Chess Club Tues Break 1 All
Interact Club Wed Break 1 All
Athletics Training TBA  After school All
Anime and Manga Club Tues, Thurs Break 2 All
Chinese Peer Tutoring Tues Before school All Chinese Students
Overflow Prayer Group Wed Break 2 All
Japanese Tuition Wed Period 6 All Japanese students
Rubik’s Cube Club Wed Break 2 All
HASS Tutoring TBA After school Year 7 – Year 10
SCRAM Wed Break 2 Depends on vacancies
Maths Tutoring Wed After school Year 7 –  Year 12
Japanese Tutoring Wed After school All
French Tutoring  Thurs After school Year 12
Euro Language Tutoring  Thurs  Before school Students studying French or German  Year 7-10
Athletics Training TBA After school All
Ukulele Club Thurs After school All. Including other stringed instruments, and those who wish to sing.
Bush Rangers Thurs After school All
Public Speaking Thurs After school All
TedEd Talks Thurs Break 2 All
Aquaponics Thurs Break 1 All
Diversity and Alliance Club Thurs Break 1 All
Friday fitness Fri Before School All
Breakfast Club Fri Before School All
Rosstainable Club   After school All
Table Tennis Club Thurs After school All