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Self, connection, action

Being a Student Councillor at Rossmoyne Senior High School is about more than wearing a badge, it’s about making a difference. The Student Leadership Development Program has three core pillars: ‘Knowing self’, ‘Connecting with others’, and ‘Taking action’.

Building school community

Skills and commitment

Across the year Student Councillors commit to helping the school community develop and flourish in many ways including building their own leadership skills, supporting wider school and community events, planning the yearbook, organising student events and assemblies, and liaising with House Leaders to support year-level events.

Projects and role modelling

Student Councillors are involved with the Public Speaking program and Leadership reading club, and they spend time initiating a school-based project for improvement, providing general support to their Year Groups and acting as Role Model and representative of the school.

Displaying school values

Student Councillors display the school’s values of Integrity, Connection, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence by:

  • behaving in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner;
  • making positive contributions;
  • setting worthwhile goals;
  • holding high aspirations of themselves and others;
  • making the most of opportunities;
  • committing to the success of all;
  • being accountable for their actions;
  • treating others with consideration and care;
  • celebrating our diverse background, interests and strengths;
  • showing regard for our school and the environment; and
  • striving to perform at their personal best in all that they do.