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Building a positive school experience

At Rossmoyne Senior High School, Student Central’s team of staff look after students’ wellbeing, supporting them to enjoy a positive school experience. The team’s structures and programs target students’ individual needs, as well as nurturing student wellbeing in group settings.

Creating an environment to thrive in

School values

The school’s ‘iCARE values’ are Integrity, Connection, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence. Learn more about the iCARE values.

Citizenship, leadership, self-esteem, resiliency and goal setting

The school runs a range of specific year group programs that target values and skills including; citizenship, leadership, enhanced self esteem, resiliency and goal setting.

These programs:

  • provide opportunities for students to engage with their school and broader community.
  • play a key role in celebrating the endeavors and achievements of our students.
  • assist students to make necessary transitions into and throughout high school.

Programs and activities for each year group reflect these themes:

  • Year 7 Team building and belonging
  • Year 8 Accepting and Respecting Differences
  • Year 9 Respecting and Resiliency
  • Year 10 Making Responsible Decisions
  • Year 11 Planning for Success
  • Year 12 Re-examining Pathways and the future

Student Central team

Program Coordinators

Rossmoyne’s holistic approach to student care is implemented by the team of staff at Student Central, lead by three Program Coordinators. Each program coordinator takes responsibility for two (2) year groups each. Learn more about the school’s leadership structure.

Year Leaders

Each year group of students has a dedicated Year Leader who stays with them, providing guidance and support from Year 7 through to Year 12. Year Leaders help students to manage relationships with other members of the school community, manage academic commitments, manage career aspirations/goals; and develop effective study skills.

Year Leaders also counsel students and parents, negotiate with staff on behalf of the student, mediate disputes between students, organise social events, and assist in the selection and changing of courses and study skills. Parents should contact the appropriate Year Leader if they are concerned with any aspect of their child’s progress.

School Psychologist

Rossmoyne’s School Psychologist assists students with their educational, emotional and social needs. The psychologist plays an important role in providing advice to teachers and parents about programs and strategies to support students.

School Nurse

Rossmoyne has a full-time nurse whose key role is to educate students about healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

School Chaplain

Rossmoyne’s non-sectarian Chaplain offers support for students, parents and staff in times of need as well as one-to-one counselling and care for students with personal issues. The Chaplain also provides workshops for groups of students, helping them with communication skills, friendship building, self-esteem and development values.

Student Support Officer

The Student Support Officer coordinates the school’s community programs, lunchtime activities, charity events, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.

Home Room Teachers

Home Room takes place two times a week on Monday and Wednesday. Each Rossmoyne student is placed into a mixed year group Home Room with 21 to 25 other students from their school House, and a Home Room teacher. The Home Room program focuses on peer connection and wellbeing. Students remain in the same Home Rooms throughout their whole time at Rossmoyne, and the small class size enables Home Room teachers to provide continuity of care – monitoring student progress and assisting them with goal setting.

Learning Support Coordinator (LSC)

Learning Support Coordinators (LSC) work with teachers, Year Leaders, parents and students to develop an appropriate course of action to support the needs of students with learning difficulties or disabilities, including students with low literacy skills. Students may work with the LSC one-to-one, in a small group, or in-class depending on the requirements. The LSC works in tandem with teachers to adapt and modify the curriculum to allow students the best opportunity of achieving to their potential. The LSC also meets with parents to discuss the learning needs of their child and explain the support options available. This is all done in a confidential manner and is aimed at ensuring all students at Rossmoyne Senior High School have a course that is relevant, interesting, and matched to their learning needs.

Student attendance

The Student Central team take note of student attendance and contact parents when students are away from school without explanation.

Parents must contact the school if their child is arriving late, leaving early, or away for any reason.

Let the team know about any absence before 9.30am on the day of absence.

  • SMS text to 0419 098 172 (24 hour)
    Include the student’s full name, year group, guardian name, date of absence, and reason for absence.
  • Call 9235 1740 (business hours only)
    Share the student’s full name, year group, guardian name, date of absence, and reason for absence.

*It is a legal requirement for any student absence to be covered by a phone call or written explanation from the student’s parent or legal guardian. This includes arriving late or leaving early. The school will contact the parent/guardian via an SMS message if a student has been marked absent from school with no notification. The parent/guardian must provide a reason for all absences from school.