The inaugural Inter-House Band Competition

The inaugural Inter-House Band Competition

Article by Mr. Neill Coy, Music Dept. Rossmoyne Senior High School

Rossmoyne’s reputation as one of the leading Music programs in WA was thoroughly confirmed by our inaugural Inter-House Band Competition, held on the last day of Term 2.

Four representative groups, each made from wind and percussion players from years 8-12, took turns to present a 10-minute performance. Students donned coloured clothing, hair ribbons, ‘war paint’, and a variety of hilarious props to add to the spectacle.

In addition to each house presenting their own special repertoire item, each group performed a ‘test piece’, the challenging Fire Dance by American composer David Shaffer.

The ‘winner take all’ competition was adjudicated via Zoom link by Dr Philip Everall, head of Woodwind and Director of the Symphonic Wind Orchestra at WAAPA.

The Stewart House Band was the first to take the stage. This was by far the youngest group to represent their house, with only one upper school student member. They set an awesome standard. Dr Everall told Rossmoyne staff later:

“When the Stewart Band played, I thought ‘This is the winner – nothing else could be as good as this’. I was than amazed to then hear three more bands of the same high quality. It was a very difficult competition to adjudicate, as the standard was incredibly high, but also so very even. Teachers should all be very proud of the amazing program you have built at Rossmoyne. Bravi!”

Congratulations to the MacNeill House Band, the worthy winners on the day.

Although RSHS general attendance on the day was down to 58%, due to COVID restrictions, over 90% of our school’s band members came to school to participate in the competition – such is the importance of band to our music students!