Year 11 Final Assembly – Ceremony of Academic Excellence

Year 11 Final Assembly – Ceremony of Academic Excellence

Congratulations to all Year 11 students recognised for their outstanding Semester II achievements at the Ceremony of Academic Excellence on December 3rd.

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Special Awards

Faraday Medallion  – Biological Sciences – Emma W.
Faraday Medallion  – Physical Sciences – Abilaash K.
Isaac Newton Award – Abilaash K.
ATAR Dux – Kathy S.
VET Dux – Imogen T.

iCARE Awards

Integrity – Imogen T.
Connection – Lily B.
Aspiration – Hishaam M.
Respect – Mathu I.
Excellence – Matthew P.

Subject Awards


Dance (General) – Chloe C.
Dance (ATAR) – Faith T.
Drama (ATAR) – Haylee N.
Design Photography (General) – Hishaam M.
Visual Arts (General) – Amanda T.
Visual Arts (ATAR) – Maralee N.
Media Production & Analysis (ATAR) – Maralee N.
Music (ATAR) – Alice Z.


English (General) – Lili H.
English (General) – Imogen T.
English (ATAR) – Sean K.
Literature (ATAR) – Elise H.
English as an Additional Language/Dialect (ATAR) – Alice Z.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Accounting and Finance (ATAR) – Daniel L.
Economics (ATAR) – Elise H.
Modern History (ATAR) – Jemimah F.
Politics and Law (ATAR) – Sean K.
Psychology (ATAR) – Ahinsa A.
Psychology (General) – Faith S.
Certificate III in Business – Caitlyn M.


Chinese: Background Language (ATAR) – Ashlee K.
Chinese: First Language (ATAR) – Tommy H.
Chinese: Second Language (ATAR) – Pavi G.
Year 12 Chinese: Second Language (ATAR) – Chenuli E.
French: Second Language (ATAR) – Theviya K.
Year 12 French: Second Language (ATAR) – Cyrus A.
German: Second Language (ATAR) – Desmond S.
Japanese: Second Language (ATAR) – Emma W.
Year 12 Japanese: Second Language (ATAR) – Annie C.

Career and Vocational Education

Career and Enterprise (General) – Imogen T.
Career and Enterprise (ATAR) – Daniel L.
Certificate II Community Services – Parmida A.
Curtin Uni Ready – Alyssa H.
Workplace Learning Award – Blayde K.

Health and Phys Ed

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation – Stephanie M.
Health Studies (ATAR) – Dylan M.
Physical Education Studies (ATAR) – Julian L.
Physical Education Studies (General) – Louis T.


Mathematics Essential (General) – Sophie J.
Mathematics Applications (ATAR) – Bronte D.
Mathematics Methods (ATAR) – Abilaash K.
Mathematics Specialist (ATAR) – Abilaash K.


Biology (ATAR) – Sean K.
Human Biology (General) – Dylan M.
Human Biology (ATAR) – Ronan N.
Physics (ATAR) – Abilaash K.
Chemistry (ATAR) – Abilaash K.


Materials, Design & Technology: Wood (General) – James P.
Materials, Design & Technology: Metals (General) – Lockie A.
Applied Information Technology (ATAR) – Matthew P.
Computer Science (ATAR) – Matthew P.
Food Science and Technology (General) – Maria B.
Food Science and Technology (ATAR) – Estelle C.
Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology – Matthew P.
Certificate II Hospitality – Bronte D.

Certificates of Outstanding Achievements (𝑮𝑷𝑨=𝟓.𝟎𝟎):

Cyrus A.
Jemimah F.
Isabelle H.
Elise H.
Reeva K.
Sean K.
Abilaash K.
Julian L.
Diya M.
Vanessa M.
Ronan N.
Zak P.
Anu P.
Kathy S.
Imogen T.

Certificates of Excellence (𝟒.𝟖𝟎≤𝑮𝑷𝑨<𝟓.𝟎𝟎):

Siluni B. G. D.
Tharushi K. K.
Lockie A.
Estelle C.
Annie C.
Emelia C.
Eleanor G.
Theviya K.
Daniel L.
Sam L.
Raven L.
Monica R.
Hari R.
Desmond S.
Kavinmoli S.
Emma W.
Kelly Y.
Monica Y.
Alice Z.
Liam F.
Maddie M.

Certificate of High Achievement (𝟒.𝟔𝟎≤𝑮𝑷𝑨<𝟒.𝟖𝟎):

Georgia E.
Ranudi M. M.
Heather B.
Joshua B.
Lily B.
Vera C.
William C.
Brooke C.
Sebastian D.
Chenuli E.
Haresh G.
Tommy H.
Mathu I.
Neev K.
Ashlee K.
Siobhan L.
Jiaxin L.
Haylee N.
Gabby P.
Chloe P.
Aaron V.
Alec W.
Damien Z.
Jason L.
Zoe S.
LeeAnne T.

Certificate of High Aspiration:

Imogen T.
Raven L.
Luke P.
Neev K.
Sean O.
Parmida A.
Samuel K.
Enrichson P.
Henry Z.
Tharushi K. K.