Year 12 exams : A guide for parents

Year 12 exams : A guide for parents

5 Tips to help your children through exams

  • Reduce stress

    It is normal to feel stressed during an exam period. In fact, some nerves are beneficial. Help your child to do activities that will reduce stress, for example, there are a variety of apps that help with meditation and mindfulness. Exercise works really well too.

  • Get organised

    Get them organised. All students have an exam timetable, so make a plan. Have them double check what they need for the exam and get it ready the night before.

  • Have a daily routine

    Keep a balanced daily routine. Sleeping lots and eating regular, healthy meals is really important. So is keeping your body active. Students should be drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine-based and sugary drinks.

  • Find their best study technique

    Study habits need to focus on quality not quantity. All students should know which study techniques work best for them. One of the most effective ways of learning is to teach someone else how to work with a new concept. There is nothing like some Mathematics or Human Biology over the dinner table.

  • Manage family wellbeing

    Look after yourself. Exams can be stressful for parents and family members too. Please don’t over accentuate the importance of exams as your children will feel your stress and try to meet your expectations. The better you manage your stress, the better it will be for your children.

If for any reason your child can’t attend an exam, contact the school immediately and complete the necessary paperwork outlined in the school’s Assessment Policy.