Year 12 Farewell Assembly and Awards

Year 12 Farewell Assembly and Awards

The Year 12 Farewell Assembly was held on Thursday October 22. Parting words of wisdom were shared by the 2020 Head Girl and Head Boy, and the following awards were presented to students in recognition of their Senior School Achievements.

iCARE Awards

  • Integrity: Cameron D.
  • Connection: Danny H.
  • Aspiration: Anna R.
  • Respect: Aaron B.
  • Excellence: Haniya C.

Achievement Awards

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants Award (Accounting): Vedant S.
  • Arts Medallion: Dayle D.
  • Einstein Award – Physical Science: Ashima G.
  • Einstein Award – Biological Science: Kin Feng N.
  • Ellen Barnes Multicultural Award: Christy L.
  • Isaac Newton Award Dux Mathematics: Kelly N.
  • CK Bain Year 12 Music Award: Melissa C.
  • Future Innovators Award Australian Defence Force Award: Natalie C.
  • Long Tan Australian Defence Force Award: Charlie J.
  • Rossmoyne All-Rounder Award: Harrison R.
  • Certificate of Commendation (H&PE) – Swimming: Natalie C, Cassandra L, Finn V.
  • Certificate of Commendation (H&PE) – Athletics: Matilda H, Lily B, Imogen T, Keanu H.
  • Certificate of Commendation (H&PE) – Volleyball: Toby F, Tia C, Lexie B, Alysha E, Amelie W, Hannah W, Kelly G.

Subject Awards Career and Vocational Education:

  • Career and Enterprise (ATAR): Hannah B.
  • Career and Enterprise (General): Ananya W.
  • Murdoch University Flexitrack Program: Aayush S.
  • Curtin University Uni Ready Program: Izaac A.
  • Certificate II in Community Services: Shya H.

Subject Awards English:

  • English (ATAR): Amira M.
  • English (General): Ananya W.
  • English as an Additional Language/ Dialect (ATAR): Meher V.
  • Literature (ATAR): Harshita S.

Subject Awards Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Accounting and Finance (ATAR): Vedant S.
  • Certificate III in Business: Holly R.
  • Economics (ATAR): Sheida R.
  • Geography (ATAR):  Samarah S.
  • Modern History (ATAR): Jude K.
  • Politics and Law (ATAR): Anna R.
  • Psychology (ATAR):  Eliza K.
  • Psychology (ATAR):  Charisse N.

Subject Awards Health and Physical Education:

  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation: Hannah W.
  • Health Studies (ATAR): Estelle C. and Adrianna M. A.
  • Physical Education Studies (ATAR): Toby F.

Subject Awards Languages:

  • Chinese: Background Language (ATAR): Winnie Y.
  • Chinese: First Language (ATAR): Yuanping L.
  • Chinese: Second Language (ATAR 12): Khanh-Linh L.
  • French: Second Language (ATAR): Jude K.
  • German: Second Language (ATAR): Ingrid D.
  • Japanese: Second Language (ATAR): Christy L.

Subject Awards Mathematics:

  • Mathematics Applications (ATAR): Sophie A.
  • Mathematics Essential: Carly A.
  • Mathematics Methods (ATAR): Kelly N.
  • Mathematics Specialist (ATAR): Melissa C.

Subject Awards Science:

  • Chemistry (ATAR): Vedant S.
  • Biology (ATAR): Kin Feng N.
  • Human Biology (ATAR): Alina R.
  • Human Biology (General): Tim S.
  • Physics (ATAR): Elva C.

Subject Awards Technologies:

  • Certificate II in Hospitality: Kenny S.
  • Applied Information Technologies (General): Aayush S.
  • Food Science and Technology (General): Tahlia H.
  • Computer Science (ATAR): Ryan N.
  • Food Science and Technology (ATAR): Natalie C.
  • Certificate II in Information Digital Media & Technology: Jonathan L.
  • Materials, Design and Technology: Metal (General): Luigi S.

Subject Awards The Arts: 

  • Dance (General): Ella L.
  • Design: Photography (General): Paranjal K.
  • Dance (ATAR): Anneliese D.
  • Drama (ATAR): Dayle D.
  • Media Production and Analysis (General): Erwin T.
  • Media Production and Analysis (ATAR): Haniya C.
  • Music (ATAR): Melissa C.
  • Visual Arts (ATAR): Amira M.
  • Visual Arts (General): Bobby Z.

Certificates of Recognition:

  • Workplace Learning: Haylee D, Ananya W, Janssen S, Hugo R.

Certificates of Appreciation:

  • Year 12 outgoing councillors: Charlie J, Larisa J, Vagmi S, Milaine D, Dayle D, Aaron B, Anna R, Kian O.

Certificate recognising High Aspirations:

Archana A, Timor A, Dillon A. T, Tia C, Kehan D, Daniel E, Alysha E, Nicole G, Danny H, Irteza K, Joan K, Monica K, Lachlan L, Hui Wen L, Thomas L, Aloka M. A, David O, Jaanvi P, Rishi P, Divya R, Coralie R, Lucy S, Sam S, Tom S, Khephy T, Raj V, Edwina W, Jadyn W, Daniel Y, Winnie Y.

Certificate recognising High Achievement (𝟒.𝟔𝟎≤𝑮𝑷𝑨<𝟒.𝟖𝟎):

Carly A, Dayle D, Haylee D, Daniel E, Alysha E, Nicole G, Jude K, Abigail L, Gabriella M, Shariah R, Coralie R, Jed Z, Sophie A, Bhargav C, Megan C, Alvin C, Sophia C, Prachee G, Ashima G, Krithik H. B, Danny H, Antony J, Theresia K, Katie L, Wesley L, Jonathan L, Michelle P, Meher V, Edwina W.

Certificate recognising Excellence (𝟒.𝟖𝟎≤𝑮𝑷𝑨<𝟓.𝟎𝟎):

Rachel C, Elva C, Bilal G, Charisse N, Sheida R, Amos T, Dylan T, Bharat T, Elyssa C, Jamie C, Melissa C, Toby F, Keeley G, Chloe L, Sarah L, Kin Feng N, Angel N, Malavika P, Alina R, Anna R, Harshita S, Samarah S, Darryl T.

Certificate recognising Outstanding Achievement (𝑮𝑷𝑨=𝟓.𝟎𝟎):

Amira M, Kelly N, Mineth P, Vedant S, Mei T, Oorja V, Sanuga W, Winnie Y.

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