Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.15am to 2.15pm

Our cafe provides a selection of foods and drinks that are nutritious and represent value for the money spent.
In addition to our break menu for Breaks 1 and Breaks 2,  breakfast is also available to purchase from 8.15am – 8.55am.

2018 Menu

Ordering of food is encouraged before school (between 8.15am and 8.55am)

  • Please check the Menu Board each day for specials and changes
  • A fast track line is available for quick pick up of ordered lunches.
  • Menu and Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Eftpos transaction fee $0.50
Cereal with Milk $2.50 Sushi – Mixed 5pcs $6.00
Ham and Cheese Croissant $4.50 Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – Asstd $6.00
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.50
Toast and Vegemite $1.50 Salad Bowls
Yogo/Yoghurt (fresh or frozen) $2.20 See our display for today’s range of $6.00
Bacon and Egg Toastie $5.00 freshly made gourmet salads
SNACKS (available all day) Sandwiches/Rolls
Cookies – assorted $2.20 Chicken and Salad $6.00/$6.50
Fresh Fruit (whole) $1.50 Ham and Salad $6.00/$6.50
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.50 Salad $6.00/$6.50
Muffin $3.00 Egg and Lettuce $6.00/$6.50
Yogo/Yoghurt (fresh or frozen) $2.20 Cheese and Vegemite $2.00
Grain Waves $2.50
Vege Chips $2.20
RECESS Wraps  Half/Full
Fresh Fruit (whole) $1.50 Chicken and Salad $4.00/$6.50
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.50 Chicken and Salad $4.00/$6.50
Yogo or Yoghurt (fresh or frozen) $2.20 Egg and Lettuce $4.00/$6.50
Ham Cheese/Tomato Cheese/Chicken Cheese Toastie $4.50
Ham and Cheese Croissant $4.50 Toasted Turkish Bread
Muffin $3.00 Pesto Chicken, Avocado, Sundried Tomato $4.00/$6.50
Cookies – assorted $2.20  Ham, Cheese, Pineapple $4.00/$6.50
Grain Waves $2.50
 Icecreams Burgers
  Mini Calippo  $1.20 Cheese Burger $5.00
  Paddle Pops/Calippo  $2.00 Vege Burger (pre order only) $6.00
  Shaky Shake  $2.20 Black Angus Hamburger $6.50
  Golden Gaytime  $4.00 Free Range Chicken Breast Burger $6.50


Shake n Shake 600ml $4.50 Monday
Flavoured Milk 300ml $3.00 Chef’s pasta of the Day $6.90
Flavoured Milk 600ml $4.50
Juice 100% 350ml $4.00 Tuesday
Orange C 300ml $2.50 Chef’s curry of the day $6.90
Orange C 600ml $4.00
Fruit Juice Box $2.00 Wednesday
Up & Go $2.50 Hot Dog with sauce and cheese  $4.50
Water $2.50
Iced Tea $4.20 Thursday
Nippys Iced Coffee 375ml $4.00 Beef and bean nachos, guacamole, sour cream $6.90
Hot Milo $3.00
Carbonara pasta bake $6.90
MEAL DEALS – no substitutes
Mon/Wed/Fri Mon/Wed/Fri
Sausage Roll and Water $5.00 Pie $4.50
Tues/Thurs Sausage Roll $3.50
Pizza Sub and Water $5.00
 Pizza Sub – Hawaiian (ham, cheese and pineapple)  $4.50


Allergens Notice

Foods may contain nuts, milk, eggs or shellfish. Foods are prepared in a commercial kitchen where allergens are used. If you have special dietary requirements, please ask our staff for further information prior to purchase.